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Good morning

...But not by much. One of the bikes was so fantastic that it garnered 57% of all the votes.

I am not a structural engineer, @CaddmannQ , but as cool as this bike looks, does that frame shape have the rigidity of a triangular mesh?

. . . does that frame shape have the rigidity of a triangular mesh?

No, but in order to really answer that question well, you have to fill in a few more parameters. For instance, are we talking about frames of equal weight? Same alloy?

It certainly doesn’t have the classic ideal bicycle frame geometry, but at the same time it is rigid enough to perform.

One thing that helps is the fact that the frame is so short. Long frames get easy to twist.

My first objection was that the front of the frame is shaped like a plow, and if you go slowly over a speedbump you’re liable to just stab into it and stop the bike; with you flying over the handlebars like Superman.

The voting is not over yet and this bike is in first place with 87% of the votes.

I am in 8th place with 10%. This is not unexpected. Too many things happened and I was not able to build the bike that I had hoped to build for this.
Instead I ended up just modifying my daily rider and being satisfied with that, and the fact that this is a bike you can really ride and it’s pretty fast for its weight.

Some of those bikes weighed nearly twice as much as mine. Some of them look like incredibly uncomfortable bikes to ride. Some will never be seen on the street.
Good morning to all of yous. I am at the lake and the weather is just dandy. Looks like today's high will be about 90, and perhaps a rain shower overnight.

I hope you all have a great day.
Hey guys. I’ve been out in the garage trying to improve my bicycle. I redid the spring on my stick shift.

87DB23F4-D4A8-45F1-82EA-E72C62BD760F.jpeg It’s a real Ratfink affair, which is exactly what I was after.

We actually got some genuine rain today, although I think 90% of it is going up the mountain into a big thunderstorm tonite.

That was a real blessing.
21 years ago this morning...never forget.

Good morning. We did not have a rain shower overnight, but a cold front moved through and brought a very nice morning. Partly cloudy skies and 60 at 7am. Today the high should be mid to high 70s and low humidity.

You all have a great day.
Got to spend a few hours with my middle son this morning. That's always good.

Was fairly warm this morning and a little humid. Lots of moisture and humidity coming up from the gulf.

Currently some pretty strong Tstorms and rain.
Hey you guys. I have been kind of laying low but I did get up this morning and rode my bike for 5 miles with Judy.

We actually got a small rain shower, but then it stopped and I think most of it blew up the mountain.

I haven’t done much except putter around with the bicycles, and think about going fishing.
Good morning Mossberg Owners.

I haven’t been doing too much, as I was still recovering from a little minor surgery on Thursday, and just haven’t felt like exerting myself.

While I did ride the bike, I was very conservative, and I didn’t push it at all. I still don’t feel like exerting myself, but I know I’m healed now, and at 6 AM the sun is coming up, and there are things to do.

And unless something unusual comes up I will get to choose these things myself. This is the great joy of retirement, and only occasionally do serious and necessary things interrupt my utopia.

I still have three or four bicycles out here that I wanna put together. I am working on them, but don’t quite have enough stuff for any of them to be complete yet.

In a couple days I’m going to set them aside and go back to work on the fake Jaguar.

Now that the weather is cooling down I’ll be more willing to do some heavy mechanical work, and I have to finish disassembling the chassis and flip that bugger over.

That shouldn’t be a big problem. I was able to flip my boat upside down and back. That was 25 years ago and I wasn’t a member here.

I put a big hook in the garage header, and raised the other end of the boat with the engine hoist. I rolled the trailer out and flipped it over on some wood benches.

The Volkswagen chassis is a lot lighter than my fiberglass boat.

I think I will make a big stand for the front end from used tubing, and just hoist the tail to flip it.
Take it easy caddmann. Let your body tell you when it's ready.

Personally, I hate any kind of surgery, regardless of how minor. I hate the medicine they give to you to knock you out too. It seems like it takes days to get out of your system. I can walk around not feeling myself for 3 or 4 days afterwards sometimes. And that's over the weaker anesthesia's.

The last time I had a minor surgery, I came home with broken ribs. (*seriously).

They had to run a scope down my throat and the doctor told my wife that I came up off the table fighting them. I don't remember it, but I must not have been able to breathe or something because I either kicked someones butt, or they kicked mine one. I legit had 2 broken ribs.
Good morning to all of yous. We are at the lake till midday, then home. This morning at 6am we had clear skies and 50 degrees. It seems we would never see a morning like that again, and here we are. Personally I think 70 is perfect at 6am, lol. That the motorcyclist coming out.

Anyways, you all have a great day.
I will take it easy on myself guys. I did go out and ride the bicycle again this morning but I didn’t go too far.

Meanie, I have been tempted to take the nomad out every morning recently but of course everything else happened to get in my way, and it has been sitting there since my last report.

I never did get my new turn signal, and I ended up canceling the order after they told me the truth. My turn signal was never going to come except by some heavenly miracle and they were just gonna hang onto my money until that happened, whether it did or not.

Well I glued the old one back together, but I don’t think that will be quite sufficient. I’m going to open it up and I’m probably going to do some hot wire plastic mending.

Or I will create some part that keeps the whole thing together internally.

Anyway the bike is rideable and if I wanna go I’m gonna go, and if it comes loose again there’s always duck tape.
I haven’t been doing too much, as I was still recovering from a little minor surgery on Thursday, and just haven’t felt like exerting myself.

So did they find and remove any polyps? Last Cscopy I had, doc removed one smaller than a grain of rice, put it in a little jar as a keepsake. :rolleyes: Maybe my heirs can use it to clone a replica of me after I go... :D
Good morning all of yous. Another chamber of commerce morning here. I had a couple of routine tests this morning, well as far as I know,LOL. Had an ultrasound check of the carotid arteries and an echocardiogram of the pumper unit. I think all is well as I feel better than I have in years.

Anyways, today we should be in the low 90s with lots of sunshine. I plan to get out and take advantage. You all have a great day.
Well my opinion was there was something the size of a grapefruit but it turned out to be the size of a pea.

It’s the same pita either way.
I actually watched that guys videos before. Pretty interesting.

The thing to know here is that your bike tire pushes against the ground which is solid, but propellers push against the air which is springy. That means it’s very hard to get off the line with the air screw (propeller.)

Anyhow, looking at that bike with the big propeller on the back reminds me of the time I tried to go between two Parked pickup trucks on a Harley Davidson trike with big fat rear wheels.
Good morning Mossberg Owners.

Well I got in plenty of bike riding yesterday and I spent pretty much the entire day working on my Mongoose bicycle.

A while back, I bought this gooseneck. It turned out to be very sturdy, but the wrong size for my handlebars.

I spent a couple hours modifying it with tiny grinding wheels, and now it fits great.

Here I am doing a test fit so I can tell how much to cut the stem.

Now, the handlebars do not move when I am doing radical maneuvers. The old clamp was much thinner and weaker, and just could not retain those long bars.
I had to shorten the neck 1/4”, and so I removed one of the spacer rings and I shortened it an extra 1/4”.

I polished off the black paint from the other three spacers before I put them back on.

The little bicycle bell is cute but it’s not loud enough to be worthwhile. I need something substantial as a noise maker.

I had made this new spring, but I still wasn’t happy with the friction spring arrangement on my shifter.
It looked a lot better but it wasn’t as secure. I decided that it absolutely needed to have detents and I carved three of them into the shifter body. I made a new spring to engage them. I made a hard plastic follower, so it would work without a lot of friction.

Unfortunately, perfection is always the enemy of sufficiency, and when I was doing the final little bit of fiddling with the plastic follower, I snapped it. I didn’t have another piece.

At that point it was 2 AM and I gave up and went to bed, So no photos of that.
More fun to come!

The weather here has turned lovely and so everybody’s out there enjoying it and I will too. You guys have a nice day.
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Good morning MOers. Another low 60s start to the day with low 90s by late afternoon. I am really liking this weather.

We are heading to the lake this afternoon. It should be about 5 degrees cooler. All in all very nice.

You all have a great day.