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Good morning

All the rain here has caused a roof leak at our place. A drippy ceiling in a bedroom sent me running for a bucket. Roofing guy did a quickie repair that might hold until I get the insurance company adjuster out....but it might be moot. This is more of a Public Service Announcement - check your homeowner's policy for the deductible for rain, wind & hail. Industry norm is .5-1% of the home value...my USAA coverage is 2%, which puts the deductible over $10K. No new roof for us.

Harbor Freight has their tarps on sale. Maybe I'll just tent the whole place. :)
Good luck on getting the insurance company to address anything. We had blizzard and ice storm damage back in January and now seven months later we still have portions of the original claim pending. These companies first prority is to mitigate their liability. They use your deductable precentage plus on many items they deduct depreciation for age. Their other trick is to change claims adjusters often which restarts the companies internal clock on doing anything. Relay, delay!

Then they say OK, we will give you 50 cents on the dollar of the actual loss / replacement costs. I know it's not an ideal way to go but we had the repairs done before we got any settlement because we were concerned about additional damage.

Blue traps are the in thing these days.

Good luck!
9393E048-1D15-4811-8323-48F928C80FD5.jpegToday I spent some time re-welding the backside of old tunnel patches, then I worked on the new patches.
One patch mounts the pedal assembly to the tunnel. Originally this had 0.082” steel with a small doubler inside. I made it from 0.105” and it will also have a (smaller) doubler.

This took some time to fit, and it still doesn’t quite. It wants more clearance at the big hole, & it needs a curve to match the tunnel. Hammer time . . .

It was Nice to actually get to a point where I got to do some welding again. If everything’s already fitted, it’s not very noisy and so I can go out there at 5 o’clock in the morning when it’s cool, without disturbing the neighbors.

I actually was irrigating from 4AM I welded & ground from 6:30 until 3:30 in the afternoon, when it was 112°.
Good morning Mossberg Owners.

I nuked 22 spammers this morning. It was about three days worth. I noticed that one of them tried about six different names before he gave up.

I got the first two patches fitted up pretty well and ready to weld, so now I have to work on the third & 4th one.


Of course this has a flange on it, but it also has been hammered into a curve so it will follow the contour of the tunnel.
Today I may get in some more welding, plus irrigating and cleaning aquariums. Everything is calm here and quiet.

It hit 112 in the boatyard yesterday, but I today will be much the same.

Stay cool guys.
114F was the high today. I went in from 1pm to 7pm to avoid the very worst heat.

I have all the new patches made, except one tiny bit. These flanges need to be joined, below the big patch.

Pattern from layers of tape.
Paint marking

Then I cut this out with the sawzall and the belt sander tuned it up straight. I marked it, creased it and curved it, but it still needs a bit more tuning.

This joint will be interesting…

Tomorrow I tack this all up and start welding.
I got all my parts cleaned and shaped, and tacked on the frame.


Also I remembered to weld the nuts on first!





Then I made a couple crappy tacks and realized I was out of gas. After a trip to the welding shop, it was 114F so I called it a day.
Good morning to all of yous. We drove up to the lake yesterday, will go home Monday. The forecast is for temps in the mid to high 90s. No rain and a little wind.

Our trip up took an hour longer than usual as the interstate was closed and all traffic was being rerouted on two lane roads. The good thing was the exit being used was the one we normally use. But it took an extra 45 minutes to reach it. When we first stopped we were 3 miles from the exit and traffic was at a standstill. Anyways, we found out later a semi loaded with ammo had caught fire. According to the news there were no injuries. I don’t know if the trailer burned or any other details.

Have a great day and be safe.
On other forums that I frequent, every mention of this event has been scrubbed. I follow it via Sky News in Australia. The head of the SS should resign, having turned down the multiple requests for a larger SS footprint for President T.
Good morning to yous. Yesterday was a sad day. My thoughts and prayers go out to the family of the deceased man that died protecting his family, and the family of the deceased shooter as well. I can’t even imagine the pain they are suffering.

I am sure there will be investigations along with usual finger pointing. In my mind there is one person ultimately responsible, and he was killed. That being said , someone slipped through the cracks , perhaps due to a mistake, perhaps due to just plain negligence. Hopefully we will find out quickly and without the political rhetoric so common these days.

Hopefully the political temperature will be turned down from the constant hard boil to perhaps a simmer. I pray for a return to common sense and less political posturing. Thankfully the incident was not any worse than it was.

My wishes to all of yous for a safe and blessed Sunday.