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Got a tube question...


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A guy on my other forum has 535 with a broken spring. He wanted to know how to replace it. I assumed it was like my 835 and had a screw cap. But he is saying it won't budge loose....
Any suggestions ?
I showed em the 590 disassembly video and a schematic picture of the 535/590/835 series pumps.
I suggested using a rubber floppy thing to open cans with, and the heatgun, wd40, breakfree and it's still stuck.
It’s a camo finish so he doesn’t want to ruin it with a torch.....
I think he's at the last resort....bring it to a gunsmith....
Am I correct in assuming it has a cap that unscrews? Or am I wrong?
I think the 535 uses the same captured screw mounted and fixed to the barrel as 500s. My expectation would be that once the barrel is removed, the magazine tube will have to be removed too by unscrewing it from the receiver to get to the spring.

Some have said even a hair dryer is enough heat, but maybe a heat gun. I think the strap wrench is a good idea but I’d stay as close as possible to the receiver.
So there's no cap to unscrew? Just the whole tube that unscrews?
As far as I know. Just the standard take down screw to remove the barrel and then the magazine tube from the receiver.