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Gun Registration in Nazi Germ...I Mean CT

WoW!! But, like they said; he signed the legislation because of his anti-American beliefs, not because of fear that if his son went out and sought drugs at gunpoint again that the boy might run into a citizen better armed than he was!!

During that event, a pro-gun citizen, who has opposed the legislation signed into law by Malloy, which requires gun owners to register their semi-automatic rifles and high-capacity magazines or be considered felons, asked how Malloy could push legislation that is against law abiding gun owners while abolishing the death penalty and offered early release for violent criminals. Malloy's answer was not to point to the State Constitution, but to point to the people's desire to "feel safe." In that respect, he told the questioner that the legislation regarding gun registration had gone through each branch of government and "your side lost." In essence, Malloy said, "Get over it."
Yes, let's all feel safe by disarming law abiding citizens. Many liberals actually think they have a right to feel safe and it over rides the Constitutional rights guaranteed by the 2A. I don't look at those people as Americans.

As for Comrade Malloy, I don't think he has won anything when estimates run to 80 and 90% of the CT gun owners choosing to become a felon rather than submit to his b.s. law.