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Harrisburg Pulls Police From NRA Show


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After Newtown the British run Eastern Sports and Outdoor show folded when they banned "assault rifles" from the show and half of the show backed out. From those ashes the NRA took over and created a new bigger show. The mayor of Harrisburg, a democrat that hates guns, decided this year to screw over the NRA on police support for the show. I guess this is the that the idiot mayor of Harrisburg thinks he can fight the NRA per the call of Barry in the white house. He tried to extort a huge price increase for police support and offered it as all or nothing. The NRA told him it was nothing. That show brings 70 million to a democrat run city with huge fiscal problems (sound familiar?). There are other venues in other cities that would love to have it. The mayor had better tread lightly.

The door swings both ways. He'll cave, he made his point so he can feel good about it while bringing money into his city.

If he doesn't then he is more of a fool that I give him credit for.

On the flip side, hitting them where it hurts, i.e. the coffers, is the only way toget the attention of these idiots aside from voting voting them out.
I'd tell the mayor to go f his self.

Why would the NRA need police protection anyway? We protect ourselves. Silly little simple minded man.

Most venues require security for events of this size. If the venue has a contract with local police, then the city can use that as leverage...
If there is a contract then the city can't unilaterally change the pay and add other items without renegotiating the contract (which it seems like it is trying to do). If the contract is still valid at the old rates the city's hands are tied and they need to pony up the officers.
Pennsylvania use to have a gun show in Valley Forge before the casino was established...and it was the only venue where I saw local police inside the door...making sure anyone who brought in a firearm had a cable tie through the action.

Other than that...local gun shows may have a patrol car in the front of the building...but no uniformed officers inside unless they are consumers themselves...walking the aisles.
Pennsylvania use to have a gun show in Valley Forge before the casino was established...

How times have changed!

Here it was cowboys, miners and loggers vs the Indians, over land, but now it's Indian on Indian violence as the tribe has a civil war over the casino biz.
The dipstick mayor has admitted that his actions are a result of the NRA working to force cities in PA, including Harrisburg, to remove their gun laws that violate the state preemption law. The cities want all the usual b.s. gun laws and the legislature won't enact them. They get around preemption lawsuits by not enforcing the laws. If no one is charged they can't challenge the law. So, he is upset that they want him to remove laws that he doesn't and can't enforce. That somehow makes him feel he is doing something about "gun violence". All he did was screw over the policemen who could get overtime pay for some gravy work. Oh yeah, the NRA simply hit up surrounding area police forces to get the security they require. I have been to this show and don't remember much in the way of hired guns walking around.
Mayor Eric Papenfuse admitted that the decision not to offer the department’s services this year was motivated in part by the NRA’s opposition to the city’s gun control policies.
“We have an epidemic of gun violence,” Papenfuse told a Harrisburg TV station news reporter. "It’s no secret that the NRA has worked against the city’s interests repeatedly over the past year causing us to spend tens of thousands of dollars to defend common sense gun ordinances. We don’t need to be doing them any favors.”
An NRA spokesman reportedly responded that despite payments of $600,000 directly to the city since 2014, the mayor wanted the NRA to pay additional fees to secure police protection for the show.
The bottom line seems to be that the show will go on, and the NRA will hire police officers from surrounding townships to provide security inside the Farm Show Complex. Harrisburg officers will provide traffic control and assistance duties outside the complex, because that is a public safety function for the city.