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Heat shield

Trying to locate a heat shield for my 590 Shockwave/.20 gauge,
Any suggestions.

I also wanted to add/install a "heat shield" on mine as well.

Then started to shop around and well nothing.

Contacted Mossberg directly and was basically told that there is no heat shield for it nor was there one designed for it!?

Though, while searching online there are a few 590 Shockwave's that were modified and fitted with a heat shield.

So it's not impossible.....maybe difficult.....but again not impossible.

I’ve seen heat shields on the 12g 590. How hard would it be to get one of those, trim the sides a bit and do a little re contouring over a pipe? Or just make a custom one? If they are just perforated metal, then anything is possible. If they are plastic of some sort, then some experimenting with a heat gun might be in order.
This is just my personal opinion, though I would definitely not even mess with using any form of plastic as a heat shield regardless of what is said about it withstanding any amount of heat.
My shockwave is for home defense. It will never get hot enough to warrant a shield, if the laser is doing its job,lol. I don’t know how hot it would get just pumping the mag empty. In my living room, if that mag is empty, and the 9 is red hot, then all bets are off. On the other hand, my shockwave has, uh, extra features to allow reloading without touching the barrel…