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Gary Murray

.270 WIN
Hi everyone.
I am from B.C. Canada and i shoot a Mossberg 338 Win Mag 4x4. I just started reloading last month for my rifle as anyone who owns a 338 Win Mag knows that the ammo for those things is no cheap date. I have a lot of questions about my rifle and i'm sure i will find the answers here. Looking forward to getting to know every one.
Howdy Gary Murray and welcome to the club!
Welcome from MI!!
Wow! What do I say about a new Mossberg .338 Win Mag owner..... WHO RELOADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First Rep Point for you, Sir. You freakin' deserve it for your sheer masculinity and ballz. :cool:

Welcome to Mossberg Owners Forum!
Welcome to the Mossberg Owners Forum Gary !!

Been to British Columbia...back in 1999 on Canada's Independance Day...
Welcome aboard Sir,

We've got a great group of folks here on Mossberg Owners and the atmosphere is very laid back. The only thing we like better than discussing each other's guns is lookin at 'em, so be sure to post up some pics of your 4x4 and any other firearms you own in the various sub-forums. You'll find that we're into a lot more than just Mossberg around here. Let us know if you have any questions.

Enjoy the site!