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Hope the staff at The Journal News sleep well. lol


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Gotta love it!

http://christopherfountain.wordpress.co ... the-goose/

He researched and blogged the newspaper peoples addresses, pics of their homes, info on what car they drive and the tag number, cell-phone numbers, facebook pages, anything he could uncover!

Pay Back can be a real bitch.

And a +1 Rep Point for you, as an attaboy for starting this thread!


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For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Or to put it more simply

The door swings both ways.

Which often equates to

Karma's a *********!


I read this morning that of the 20,000 listed gun owners about 8000 of them are active or retired police officers, now every person they ever locked up can find out where they and their families live if they wished to seek revenge.