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How many of you Love your Brother??

Well I do. Got me this for Christmas. Looks like a 1997 500. Not sure if it's a factory or home done paint job but either way I like it. Interchangeable chokes and a ported barrel.
That's fantastic! Spectacular present...can't hardly imagine better.
I have its' twin. And yes, it's factory paint.

FWIW, they were still doing that camo in late summer/early fall 2000 because that's when I got mine.

I admit, that I have sanded it down since and redone the colors.

But that's how mine started out too.
Thanks for the info, after work tomorrow I'll be doing a complete teardown and inspection and cleaning before I fire her. Now I need to think of a name for her, Hmmm- Myrrha sounds good, and so it shall be.