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How much fitting are you willing to do on a new gun?

After spending several hours working on a Mossberg 930 SPX, I got to thinking about how frustrating it was, but the run around of sending it in would also be very frustrating and it might come back not fixed.

How much fitting are you willing to do on a new gun? When do you just ship it back to the manufacturer? When do you say to hell with it and sell it?

I could have just bought a Nordic mag extension like most guys are doing, but I wanted to make it work right with the parts it came with. It functions well now, but I have a mag tube that's been ground on and polished, a follower I had to clean up and now a forend that's all cut up to make it all fit right.

Achieved my goal, but wondering if I should have just spent the money and got the Nordic extension, sent it back to Mossberg or just not bought it at all.


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You pose a really great questions that I think about a lot when it comes to my "toys". For me it comes down to a few things; 1.) is it cheaper for me to buy/pay to have it fixed/adjusted than for me to do it myself 2.) is it something that I will enjoy doing 3.) do i have time restrictions.

I run into this question all the time with the cars that I race.


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I will say it really makes me mad when they are messed up. Then the manufacture gives you the run around. I have had quality problems with 2/3 of the guns I've bought. I tend to live with it until I get around to fixing the problem.

I don't have much confidence in the manufacturers. They don't seem to care about quality just quantity! I will take to liberty to complain about Mossberg they need to get there sight fixtures realigned canted front sites are not exceptionable.

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Typically, I make some changes to about every gun I've ever owned. Whether it is lighter trigger springs, or a set of grips, or add different sights, or something.

And while I have completely restored and rebuilt several old guns over the years and have the knowlege and tools to get just about anything running right, I won't spend a lot of time or money to get one to function correctly out of the box.

If it doesn't work and the answer isn't simple and obvious, it's easier for me just to let it go away and move on to something else that does.


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are you referring to upgrading or just to make it work?

if it does not work as it sold right out of the box, then it goes back. you paid for a working firearm and the manufacturer should provide you with one. there should be no wiggle room with this. too many people bend over pay extra to have someone else fix it or waste their own time making something right.

if it is upgrading, then tweaking to get the upgrade to fit/work, etc is acceptable. it should not be too much unless the part manufacturer makes you aware ahead of time that major modifications are required.


If its 100% and it needs help to make it better or to your liking then ok

If it needs help to be reliable or to work out of the box , no way I would be pissed and wouldn’t even lift a finger to get it running.....been lucky and I have done the leg work before I buy a firearm so I have never had that happen.
but I read about folks who buy brand new weapons knowing full well they are going to have to do something to it to get working 100% right out of the box......I do not understand that, if people keep buying them the manufacture will never improve them and it’s a sign of inferior craftsmanship and I hate that.....these things aren’t cheap
That’s like buying a new car that doesn’t start part of the time or a cold cup of coffee....it’s why I have never invested in some brands of firearm


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Good question. I know I'm spending way too much time sorting out my new Mossy, but I like to tinker and I'm not mad -- yet. Besides, I got a good price on the gun I wanted, and the last time I sent a Mossberg rifle in for repair they had it two months and it came back the same. I eventually traded it in on a Ruger, but I'm pretty damn sure I can sort out my new shotgun,and I'll have the satisfaction of doing it.

I think we all agree that rifles are just a pain to ship, so we do what we can so we don't have to.