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How To Take The Bolt apart on a MVP

The Bolt on the MVP comes apart fast and easy If You have no Gunsmithing experience Or common sense Please don't take it apart or start to Take it to Your Gunsmith .. I was surprised the first bolt I took apart in 1965 how much Gunk and Crap there was inside the bolt body and Firing pin and spring , That being said I have always taken them apart to check them the MVP is straight fwd and easy . I have a set of no mar pliers I use to grab the release on the bolt pull back all the way and turn the body clockwise 1/2 turn and it comes right apart , Then you can push the bolt head pin out and clean out all the guck . At this time you can check the Firing pin Protrusion It should be .035 to .045 . If it is ok you are good to go if it is under you will have light strike on the primer's , If it is to deep you can pierce the primer and that's a Bad day at the range , You can adj this But you do need tools Take it to Your Gun Smith . Clean out the bolt body and spring and firing pin and spring , I use a small amount of grease on the locking lug and very light oil on the spring and Pin Reverse first operation by pulling back and turning counterclockwise . Hope this helps DD