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Hunter spots rare white deer in Iowa



LONG GROVE, Iowa - An Iowa hunter captured video earlier this month of a rare all white deer.

Heath Pacha, of Long Grove, said he captured the video of the deer from a tree stand north of Long Grove on Nov. 3.

The male deer was about 15 yards away at the time.

Pacha tells KCCI that the deer "has been a regular on my farm."

Deer that are predominately white are protected in Iowa and cannot be hunted.

While rare, white deer do get spotted around Iowa. A white doe often seen near the Interstate 80 Baxter exit was hit and killed last November.

Origial Story from KCCI.com


I'm Your Huckleberry
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That's cool.

I heard a story several years ago about a white spotted here in MI. It made the news for a few years but then I never heard any more about it.

I would have to recheck the rule book but I believe we have a law against hunting them as well.


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there have been quite a few albinos(all white with pink eyes) in our area, and a few piebalds(brown and white). they are legal to hunt in PA.