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Hunting Knives


Sweet blade you have there !

Here you go selous Its not a hunting knife but it is from Spain, I bought it new 28 years ago. Been good to me.


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Dave,normally this kind of knifes are called utter knives ("cuchillo de remate",in my language).I don´t know if utter is the propper word.
They are used to put finishing touches to injured animals or when catching dogs make dangerous the use of a gun.If the blade have not the proper size ,the wound channel made by it will be small causing a slow dying breath.The normal size of this knives goes from 8 to 10 inches,with double edge.
If neccesary,you could use your BK7 to do this but have on mind that the blade design (simple edge)is not the best.Anyway,you have a good knife.I also have a BK2 Campanion made by Camillus some years ago.
Oli,you have a very well made piece.The original name of this knife is "Aitor Oso Negro" (Black Bear Aitor)made in Basque Country by a good knives manufacturer:Aitor.They produced knives and folding knives for the Spanish Army.Some years ago the factory was bought from a group called "Pielcu".
Your model was reglamentaryof COE,Special Operations Corp (like your green berets),Leggionaires,parachuters...
Good collector knife.
A link to more info and pictures:


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old mossy

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nothing fancy.my 1979 scharade sc501. good little scalpel.

sorry for the poor pic.
i really need a new camera. :)


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old mossy

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thank you selous. it is carbon steel,3 1/2" blade. small but a razor sharp skinner. :)
Looking for a little history on what I have. I got this sticker from an old fella back in the late 70's I think it was. He was down on his luck and I bought him a meal at a diner on some back highway I was wandering around on and we visited for quite a while. When we went to part company he reached into the duffle he was carrying and handed this to me and thanked me for the meal. It wasn't brand new then but in decent shape. I told him to hang on to it but he insisted that I take it. I slipped him a few more bucks and shook hands and off he headed down the road walking.

But I've had this knife since then and it's been on every road, camping, fishing and hunting trip since I went on. It had a rough time of it in the early 90's when my wife at the time managed to get it soaked and left it wrapped in a wet towel in the truck of her car until I found it much later and too late. The blade had rusted and pitted. I had a coworker that did some knife work so he took it and cleaned it up and polished it back up a bit and cleaned the edges up. The day he brought it back both his hands had heavy bandages on several fingers. I asked him about that and he just said the the knife was cursed or possessed. He didn't want to ever see it again. Didn't want a dime for the work he'd done. When I checked the knife he had laid one hell for a edge on both side. I figured he had run it on the wheel and let it get away from him.

It's been a tough one for sure. Holds an edge well and been used for about everything.

But I'm wandering with old knife stories. It's a Schrade USA 171UH. 5.25" blade and 9.75" overall. What appears to be a Staghorn handle. There is the number 20437 stamped into the hilt. I never thought much about it as I've had several Schrade pocket knives over the years and they have held up well. Recently to knife came up in a discussion as to how old it was and what it was worth. Well a hot meal and a couple of bucks is all I had in it. Looking at fleaBay it don't look like it's worth much at all for that model. But I'm curious as to what this knife might have cost when it was new and about how old it might actually be.

Just curious,



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old mossy

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looks like an old uncle henry.'70's-'80's. the story and memories are worth a lot more than the knife.IMO. nice piece.
Yep, I dug my readers out and found the Uncle Henry engraved into the pebbling on the hilt. Never noticed that before. Been Goggling that model and ended up over on the BladeForums site. Looks like I got some reading to do. Guess it has a better blade quality than I thought. That explains the way it holds its edge.

Holy Smoke!! Looks like I have a model from around '74. They listed for $26.50 at that time. Crap! One heck of a knife for $26.50! I guess I got my use out of that investment. When they were reintroduced in the 90's they went up to $79.00.

Should have bought the old codger a steak.


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Somebody knows something similar to the hunting knife in center of picture (dagger from a Spanish manufacturer) but with synthetic handle and sheath ?.I have seen in Cold Steel and found nothing similar to it.
The handle is made of Granadillo wood and the blade is AN58 (similar to 440)


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This is my setup. I have the buck 119 special for backup when hunting, just in case i need to cleanly finish something off. The smaller red knife is a Mora "light my fire" knife. It's more of a general purpose camping/fishing knife. Has a great case and a flint stick in the handle. Made in sweeden. Then below I have my wyoming knife which is for skinning/gutting. I don't know about everyone else but these things are a real charmer. They are cheap, you can replace the blades, very maneuverable and if you lose it its only a 20$ piece. Also razor sharp. The hatchet you see there is a wetterlings forestry axe. Hand made in sweeden with a hickory handle. Very high quality hatchet, also razor sharp. I really don't go anywhere without my hatchet. And thats a lanskey soft bench stone, nice for getting a quick sharp edge on my pieces.


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Nothing fancy. A 150T Old Timer and a Buck 110 (doesn't everyone have one? ;) ). Had both a very long time.