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I Missed Fauci’s Big Pitch on TV


.50 BMG
And clearly so did Dr. Fauci. :rolleye:

I had to do a stop-action of this video to try and figure out what was happening.
Fauci was first looking at the catcher, but at the instant he throws, he looks at the cameraman to the left.

You all know how that works. Look at the mailbox, hit the mailbox.

Most embarrassing first ball pitch ever!
I missed it too.

Was he boo-ed?

Ewww. Cringey. His jersey number is 19.

As in Covid 19.

Disgusting. You just can't get more in your face that this.
There should have been a lot of rotten tomatoes bouncing across the field in his general direction.
I didn’t get to see the game, but just a YouTube clip of Fauci’s crappy pitch. For all I know they poured beer on him and shoved him into the dugout head first.

Well I can dream can’t I?
I think that was the game where he masked up to throw the ball then was seen maskless in the stands with other people the rest of the game.