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I need some help with identifying a hole

Nice carbine Chris...is the barrel actually rated for 5.56 NATO...or is it a .223 REMINGTON barrel ?!

The 1:8 twist barrels can stabilize the heavier 77, 80 and even 90 grain bullets.
I always forget how that works with the differences between .223 and 5.56, but I know we covered it pretty well in the thread about the sale on the Federal XM193.

So a 1:8 can stabalize heavier bullets? I thought the 1:8 was good for the lighter stuff like the 50's and 60's.

Chris, if you look into buying bulk from like SG Ammo, Palmetto Armory, AmmunitionToGo, and the like, you can usually find some pretty good deals.
...a 1:9 twist will stabilize bullets from 40 to 73 grains...with 55 and 62 grain being the most available on store shelves...at least in my area.
Thanks...The barrel is rated for 556 actually. There are some alright deals on 556 on a couple sites that I'm looking at. There really isn't anything as far as a "hunting" style of round for 556 that I've found.
Where can I find those heavy rounds?! I haven't seem anything over 75 gr.

Brad (going by the email), I think the 1/8 is a good middle ground. It's shooting some federal and umc 223 55 gr really nicely and I'm trying to get my hands on some others to try.

As far as ammo, I'm trying I get some 556 for stock and some 223 because it's cheaper. Found out that the American eagle (black box) by federal shoots really good groups through this gun. It seems like it has a little more "umph" behind it that the Remington umc and it grouped better AND it's about three box cheaper a box lol. My local Walmart has it for 5.97 a box so I'm going to swipe my daily limit a couple times this week before others catch onto to it being there. I don't have many options off the shelf here though. The only soft point I found was the Remington express at 17.97 a box.
Yup, Its Brad! ;)

I think that 55 gr. is most common around here too...
Good pics.
Great looking AR.

1:8 should do fine with 55 but if you go any smaller (like 40 gr) you'll see problems. I've even had bullets break apart before getting to the target. 1:12 or something like that is more appropriate for small rounds.
if you can find something in the 80 gr range you should be able to shoot it with fairly accurate groupings with a 1:8 twist.

Can hardly wait to see these yotes tacked up on the back of your garage :)
Really having the break apart in flight? What causes that? Never heard of that happening. The only varmint rounds I found were Winchester jhp's and they were 45 gr. I'd probably never shoot anything lighter but I also wasn't really wanting to pay 25 bucks for a box of 40 just to see if they work.
I've been thinking... (always a little dangerous).

If you had a big pile of Coyote chow mixed with a bunch a steel bearings and then put this giant magnet on top of a cliff...
Awwww. Just came across this thread and wanted to know how this sorted out. That fox was beautiful! Game cams are great! Never know whats paying you a visit in the wee hours. I'd see tons of does on my property but seldom a buck, until I bought a cam. Found I've also got a healthy buck population! Well Chris, hope all is well for you and your family. Swear there are times I walk outside here and it sounds like I have 1000 coyotes around me, but I very seldom ever see one.
There are many ways to dispatch the coyote. This is just one of the most interesting ones I know about. It was once used to commit a murder. :eek:


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Maybe something like this would work for catching a yote. LOL

Well I've read all the way through every post as if I was reading a book hoping to get to the end and find out what happened. The last post before today was Wed Mar 21, 2012 7:15 am. Today is 7/13/13!
No news is good news?