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If you check this forum every couple days, please let me know


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And do you try to post something?

It sure seems to be quiet here most of the time.

Yep. Are there 20 of us? Or 100 of us? Or what?


I usually pop in about once a day while having lunch--read new posts, maybe comment. I have periods of busy-ness that I'll forego the forums and such.


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I check in at least once a day. I have noticed lately that the traffic has been pretty low.


I try to check the forum a couple of times each day but sometimes post at odd hours of the early morning.

I'm certainly not a forum "oldtimer" but we seem to have lost several longtime contributing members over the last couple of years for reasons unknown. Hopefully not kung fu related.

I'm sure John could tell us the stats but seems we only have a dozen or so folks posting a majority of the contributions. Sure would like to see the daily participation by other members grow. How bout it guys?

This is a great forum and the moderators do an excellent job!



I check this forum several times every day, too.
My posts are down to about 3 - 10 a week depending on the news.
I don't say Good Morning every day like I used to, so there's that.

I decided to do a little data mining and here are my figures for a few months of my history:
Joined March 2016
Total posts: 2560
Average posts per month 33 -- about 1 per day

Some early and late history:

Month / Posts
Mar 22
Apr 21
May 15
Jun 14
Jul 12

Jan 10
Feb 22
Mar 31
Apr 18
May 12
Jun 34
Jul 16


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Usually every day.
OK 4 posts a day average for 7 years now (come next month) but it's not an addiction.
(Addicts can't buy things like Mossbergs.)
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. . . I don't say Good Morning every day like I used to, so there's that. . . .

Even when I've got nothing of value to say, I will make a post as a matter of ritual.

That's it. Yeah. YEAAH... That's the ticket!

It's a Ritual, SEE?

Yeah, see??? There's No "addiction" here!


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I usually check in every day or two...sometimes multiple times per day for a topic I'm interested in.

Been totally preoccupied with family stuff and trying to get cabin renovations off the ground since March.


I check in everyday. I rarely sign in. My interests are the Patriots and Mavericks. I see lots of Patriots in stores but see so few comments. I have more than 1. Great guns and have always thought the Mavericks are very tough and dependable.


I see lots of Patriots in stores but see so few comments. I have more than 1.

I think you answered your own comment... :) Take some pics and post them up. Or detail mods you have done. Even non-Mossys--we don't care. ;) Most of us like ALL sorts of firearms...

BTW, Welcome Aboard! (if I haven't already...) :)


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I try to but between work, work, my other work job, family, and did I mention Work? I do love this forum though and it’s members. Keep on keeping on!!! God bless you all fine folks!