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Illinois members


.270 WIN
Post up what town you're from.

Shannon Illinois here.

Sent from behind the hood of a long nose pete.
The only different part of the state is Chicago. Im from the nw corner and we hate Chicago. But you all from down state throw us to the wolves (Chicago) lol

Sent from behind the hood of a long nose pete.
I was actually born further south than Marion......so I consider pretty much anything north of I-64 as "Northern Illinois". I have to spend all of next week in Chicago for a training class and I'm REALLY not looking forward to having to go unarmed, lol.
Peoria Area here. I am an IN transplant. My parents came to IL from Evansville, IN. Dad got a job at Cat and I was born here. Lived in this area all of my life except when I was in the Army. Not real fond of IL and all the Chicago dirty anti-gun politics, but at my age, ain't gonna go nowhere else. I'm stuck here and have to make best of a bad situation.
Born and raised , and worked and lived in the Quad Cities until I turned 57, then stumbled across the bridge into IA. I wish I had moved sooner.