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Is it possible to get a genuine US made knife for under $200?


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I'm familiar with most of the brands that tout "made in USA" but I am just not prepared to spend $200+ on either a fixed blade or folding knife. I realize that you always get what you pay for, and the knives made from Chinese steel often break at the most inopportune time, but I just want something reliable for general use like cutting rope / cord, boxes, slashing tires, etc. :)

Am I kidding myself? I want to support small business and buy American, but I just cannot justify the money for Benchmade, Montana Knife, Tops, etc.

I've seen SOG on Amazon and they are supposedly USA made. Their prices are more in line with what I can do. Any SOG owners?

Thanks as always for your time.
Kevin, I carry a SOG karambit which if you're familiar with this type of knife you know it has basically a single purpose in life and certainly not for "everyday" general use. That said, I have not issues with how it is made. Had it for several years and the SOG brand is OK.

I have very old (maybe 30 plus years) fixed blade Gerber which has been excellent and about a year ago I decided to buy a new fixed blade general purpose knife. Like you, I wasn't prepared to spend $200 plus. After lots of research I bought a Morakniv Garberg which is made in Sweden. The knife is excellent.

My pocket knifes are two folders. My "off the property" EDC is a Smith & Wesson HRT brand and my everyday work knife is a Milwaukee Fastback. The Fastback is a workhorse.

To me knives are tools and I have no need for an expensive show piece kniife that people are afraid to use or get scratched. Like ARs, half the pictures you see of people's ARs they look like they have never been in the field or use. More like safe queens!

Good luck!

I have a few Buck knives. Made in the USA, except when they aren’t. Their mainstays are made right here, but they also import Chinese knives that are packaged and branded as Buck. The ones from China state that on the back of the package, and they don’t have the American flag on the package. I have not bought any of those .

We have to pay close attention.
I recently got a Victorinox Swiss Army "Spartan" and it was still made in Switzerland. :) I know that doesn't answer your question, though... ;)
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I'd forgotten about the Swiss and other countries that still believe in and produce quality items. Perhaps I should revise my search criteria to: "anywhere but China" A friend sent me a link to Half Face Knives. Holy Moly. Looks like fantastic handmade blades, but I'd have to sell a kidney to invest in them. Yowza
The last knife that I bought was a folding hunter Buck knife, made in the USA, but that was several years ago.

It’s still nice and shiny and I polish it up every now and then on my jeans. The new Buck knife is my large dress carry knife. I have a smaller and fancier “Damascus” steel Boker magnum as my small dress carry.

I bought the new Buck so I wouldn’t use my favorite old customized buck knife, that I’ve had for 50 years.

But it’s so nice I don’t use that often either. I have several scroungy old blades that I use for utility purposes like cutting boxes and scraping metal, and that’s 90% of my non-kitchen use.
Thanks for all the responses. I guess the real question I should be asking myself is whether I need a really good knife or not. I've been carrying a S&W folder and a similar one with the CAT logo [caterpillar equipment, not Hello Kitty ;) ] and neither has failed. Then again, I have to sharpen them after opening a few cardboard boxes.

So, maybe Santa will bring me a SOG or similar US made knife, but Benchmade and the other designer knives are off the list.
Major disappointment…

This side reads MAGNUM.
The other side just says 37 Layers

I thought the Boker was US made. This one is not. No country specified.
I have had this about 12 years. It is still in Very nice shape but I don’t use it for nasty work. It’s a dress knife.