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It was the Racism!


.50 BMG
People who get that fat and act like this about it are generally certain to be moral and mental defectives.

What turns ordinary human beings to be like this?

Could it be the constant barrage of media psychology designed to make people do irrational things like stuff themselves full of cheeseburgers?
I don’t think so.

Studies of animal behavior have shown that when given the life that is too easy, subject animals will have plenty of time to abuse each other and Themselves.

And without contradictory motivation, they will do this until their society caves in and dies off.
And that’s exactly what we see here in the video. A bunch of overfed people who blame their problems on the very people allowing them to indulge their idiocy.

You see the Totally irrational jealousy against skinny white women. You see the hatred of the men who like them (compared to marriage with a land whale.)

And you see the hatred that is bred by people who have more than they need, Could never give it up, but blame the negative after effects on anyone but themselves.

And who is the blame for everything target du jour?

Donald J Trump.


Im just wondering if when were done dressing down aunt jemimah and uncle Ben for being black on food products, are we going to address screaming nig#×% and ho in every modern rap tune on the radio ??
I find the direct use of such language way more offensive than granny in a doo-rag cooking pancakes


Notice there is no personal responsibility. Everything is either racism or Trumps' fault. She spent 8 years under Obama stuffing her face and now it's Trumps' fault. Good grief people actually are falling for such nonsense.