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Japan: Gun never seen before. [I have no idea where to put this.]


Gun used to assassinate former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

2 Barrels - Lot of electrical tape. Ammo was homemade.


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And ammunition likely used from black powder/fireworks.

In other world news, Sri Lanka has just overturned their government.


Saw that. They were primarily an agricultural economy that adopted a lot of green organic farming policies and itr went to sheet really fast, less than a year.

An alternate theory is that they ran out of fertilizer, adopted the green farming policies to cover up that fact than collapsed.

Either way the result is the same......coming to an economy near you

I heard it was a "zip" gun shotgun made from plumbing.

You can ban everything and people will still find a way.


Some pics... At least everyone was protected from Fauxrona! :rolleyes: His weapon looks like it had blasting caps instead of slamfire...

abekiller2.jpeg abekiller1.jpeg abegun.jpg slamfire.jpeg japangv.jpg


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I'm guessing he tried to make it look like a camera??? And I'd say it was a cannon not a "gun". 2 cents worth