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Joined the Shockwave club today

Thanks, I think I will. I have thought about doing a Form 1 on it as I guess the wait times are pretty short now. I have always wanted a SBS and especially the 14" 590, but that extra $200 bucks plus the registration with all the goofiness of the ATF right now has me leery.
I don't plan on doing anything crazy to it. Just some stuff to make it a little more user friendly for me and to make it my own. I can't help but tinker on my guns and a new gun is like a blank canvas for me.
Edit: Here it is. I added a XS Big Dot night sight, Sightmark Mini Shot M-Spec MRS on a Monstrum mount, a S&H Hardware extended safety button, GG&G flashlight mount, OPSol Mini Clip 2.0 for the mini shells, and an Outdoor Connections Super Sling. I thought about adding a brace to it, but with all the goofiness with the ATF, I will hold off until it's sorted out.
Mossberg 590 Shockwave current RS.jpg
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I like it! And I love the strap...I would really like to use a similar one, but I'm using the TL-Racker on mine. I wish Streamlight would've designed the Racker with a sling in mind. There's nothing more fun to shoot than a Shockwave.
Thought I would post some results from todays shooting with the Shockwave. The first is 25 yards with Hornady Critical Defense 00 Buck which I pulled a little left and the second is 6 Aguila Mini Slugs shot on the same target at 25 yards, all from a rested position. Not too shabby for a 14" barrel and a Raptor grip. I put a little over 50 shots through it with zero issues.
Hornady CD 00 Buck, 25 yards.jpg Aguila Mini Slugs @ 25 yards.jpg
I was shooting on a 6 spot target at first. At 10 yards the Hornady CD 00 Buck with pattern into about 4 inches, 15 yards was about 6", 20 yards was about 10" with 1 unaccounted for pellet, and 25 was about 15" with 1 unaccounted for pellet. I switched to the target shown and that's what I came up with.
All in all though, I think it will fill it's role as an HD gun really well.
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FYI: noticed this on GrabAGun the other day... I remember just a couple short years ago these were $299! :eek: Let's Go Brandon!

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I saw that too. But they have the 88, with a stock and 18” barrel for $238.. if I has doing it over, I’d of gotten that set up and just modified it to hit the 26”+ criteria. I didn’t care about the barrel length when I got the shockwave. It’s no smaller than my old 500 with a pistol grip.
I got mine for $449 and was pretty happy with that, but yeah, I remember when they were alot cheaper. I put off getting one for too long, then they dried up around here in SE Indiana and are still not available around here. Not much Mossberg anything available here.
Looked in my archives and found this from May 2018. Local "big" gun store in Ormond Beach, FL (just north of Daytona).

I have been looking @ a 590 7 shot with the ghost ring sights, it'll cost me almost $700 out the door. Crazy how prices have gotten.