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Just purchased a 510, new to the forums!



I recently purchased a 510 for the Wife and I mainly for HD. However, it is slightly smaller than we would like, and would like to add a larger stock. I got the 50% coupon from Mossberg at purchase, but they don't seem to answer their phones, and don't reply to emails about it.

Anyone know what stocks will fit? Will the regular 500 stock fit? I'm going to a local gun show and plan on trying to find one there. What will fit?

Just an update I guess. I called Mossberg, and they told me that any 500 stock will fit. I went to a gunshow this past weekend and bought a blackhawk tactical. Love it.

Thanks for posting up your findings! That stock looks great on your Mossberg 510 mini.
No problem! Figured I'd update the info in case someone else needs to know. They actually emailed me a diagram with prices (From Mossberg) with what will fit. But when I called them, they said "ANY" stock that will fit a 500 will fit the 510... :D
I thought I had submitted a response when you first posted this topic but I guess it didn't go through. I assumed that Mossberg 500 stocks would fit your Mossberg 510 mini but its nice to have confirmation of that now. How do you like shooting the Mossberg 510 mini with the new stock?
Haven't gotten to go shoot it yet with the stock. I fired my brothers 510 and that was the reason I bought one for myself and family. I can't wait to try this new stock.
How does the stock fit at the rear of the reciever? Are their any gaps, I mean is the hang over?

Also I have a project 500e in .410 gun that is being built from parts for my son., would you be willing to sell or trade yur old stock?

If so please email me.
1923firefighter (at) gmail (dot) com
The new stock fits perfectly.

Sorry, but I want to keep the old stock just in case... I have a daughter, and some day I'll get her interested. :D
Honestly not sure. I bought that cheap one at a gun show.

I have since sold this gun for a Remington 870 Tactical, which I plan on putting the Blackhawk KNOXX or the ATI Talon on.

I had too much bad luck with the 510. The safety broke, so I mailed it back to Mossberg, and they fixed it for free, and it worked for another few months, and then broke again.

Also, 20GA is too hard to find HD/SD rounds for so we went to 12GA and my wife is fine with it as long as it isn't a 3" slug... haha

I know the Blackhawk KNOXX has recoil reduction, and they can be had for about $100. If it fits a 500 it SHOULD fit the 510 as well. I had to shave a very small part of the stock to fit on my 510. Used a razor knife and shaved off about 1/8 inch so you could use the release for the forend.
the 500 and 510 12ga and 20ga stocks don't fit the 500 and 510 .410's. you need a .410 stock.
I would add more to this conversation, but what old mossy said above is true and exactly what I was going to say.

I have a 500 blackhawk!stock I was going to use on my 410 but when I tried to fit it, it stuck out an 1/8" near the receiver. So...it's just sitting in my drawer now.