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Kydex "Shell Caddys" Updated 12/11/17


So a few years ago I fell in love with the SOE Cop Rig. It was what some might consider "revolutionary" in the shotgun reload loadout corner. 12 rounds of 12 gauge, in a similarly sized package as an AR15 kangaroo pack? Hells to the Yeah! I've owned a few of the stand alone pouches but never the chest rig. I like to run battle belts now and the rig is just awkward on a PC. The problem I had was that the pouches weren't rigid enough once you pulled the 2nd card out and slapped it on the front for a reload. It'd fold/compress in and grabbing your shells became slightly awkward under stress and speed; as everything wasn't "right there" where it should be and your platform changed with pressure.

So what I'm doing is trying to make my own, kydex version of the Cop Rig. Instead of using nylon and elastic webbing, I will be using .080" kydex and "milspec" shock cord. I have some In-Progress photos but I need to get them off my phone and upload here lol. I have to make the molds by hand; with wood, tape and little nails lol
Looking forward to viewing your design...

I should have some more solid "eye candy" tomorrow hopefully. Changed a few things with the shot cards that will hopefully be a more clean design, in the sense of sleekness and lo-profile. I shaved about 1/4" off of the height which was only 1.375~ to begin with. These might even been fun as stand alone cards for side saddles using velcro and storing them on a vest or in random pouches. Time will tell ultimately how this shakes out
So I'm on model #3 for the shot card itself, and still testing but I do have "proof of concept" for kydex and shock cord combo.
Layout of the carrier body and how to connect 4 sections into a fully functioning unit is proving to be fun. I've become soft and used to using pre-manufactured molds and "ready to rock" molds that all I have to do is heat'n press the kydex. Old school, hand made stuff is tough lol