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Largest Mass Shooting in Canadian History - The renewed gun control battle begins...

Coverage of this in California has been almost nothing. I saw 1" in the newspaper 10 days ago. Scant mention on the news.

Everything here is Trump-hate pieces or public interest about coping with covid.
Canada and the US has been competing to see who can cross the stupid line first......Canada wins. We arent far behind......maybe we need to exchange some of our population and get realigned .........All you conservative Canadians got to move here and our leftists can go north . I hate the insects and permafrost.
Its all part of the plan to stamp out free thinking people , 50% of our country isn't talking to the other 50%......not good.
I don't want to hear what the other 37.3% thinks (it's not really half the population that thinks that way anyway). They just want to have an equal voice, while trying to scream over top of yours.
Hey guys, been busy the last week. There’s been a lot of letter writing going on. There are at least two lawsuits being launched against this latest government order, one by Canada’s National Firearms Association and Canadian Coalition for Firearms Rights.

I have been a member of the NFA for quite sometime but I just recently joined the CCFR in order to support their endeavour as well. These two groups are not known for getting along but I don’t care about that. I want what’s best for everyone. The Canadian Shooting Sports Association basically rounds out the big gun rights players in Canada. They got together and sent a joint statement to the media calling for the resignation of the public safety minister and a rescinding of the prohibition order.
That's the way the media and the left do things down here as well. The media provides the cover for the inaction of government agencies that could prevent these atrocities.
After scrolling further down the page, I also see where truedumb is preventing giving out subsidies to businesses that do not support green energy bs.

Seems a bit prejudice to me actually.
After scrolling further down the page, I also see where truedumb is preventing giving out subsidies to businesses that do not support green energy bs.

Seems a bit prejudice to me actually.
Oh the d-bag is ALL about this kind of crap. You don’t like the green agenda...that’s idiotic and unCanadian. You don’t like jihadists returning home to Canada...that’s bigoted and unCanadian.

Media that don’t support my political agenda...no money for you and that’s unCanadian. Yeah you heard me... This was before the last election. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/journalists-question-media-bailout-1.5147761

Dammit John you had to go and get me started...
You know me. I will tell the truth as I see it, even if it causes liberals to be uncomfortable and cry and look for their safe space and Crayola's.
A brief (sort of) update to all this...both the investigation into the mass shooting and the Order in Council (OIC) to ban / confiscate a large selection of firearms (dubbed a "crisis-tunity")

- We already knew something was afoot when the RCMP wouldn't say if the pyscho-turd ball was a licensed owner and what guns were used. We knew this because within minutes of them ID'ing the perp they would have the information at their fingertips. It turns out as we thought, not a licensed owner and all guns used were obtained illegally. (So much for gun control preventing shootings)
- The investigation continues and what they are uncovering just reeks to high heaven of some government / police cover-up with respect to the shooter's criminal history and reports by the public about his illegal weapons stash and threats to neighbors. Some are suggesting he was possibly a confidential informant or more likely an agent due to the method by which he withdrew a huge amount of cash just prior to the massacre...methods not available to the general public but apparently consistent with how agents are paid...this from police sources.
- This would go a long way to explain the government's initial resistance to calling a full public inquiry...namely they may have skin in the game and could bear a large responsibility for what happened and certainly for what didn't happen before-hand.
- This is all primary to the secondary but overall "keystone cop" routine that unfolded for 13 hours until the shooter needed gas and they stumbled on him by accident at a gas station and finally took him out.

As far as the sweeping ban enacted by the government shortly after, the ban list has continued to grow behind the scenes as more and more brands, types and models are added to the FRT (Firearms Reference Table) with no notice to anyone. The initial OIC included some 1500 models and as of June has ballooned to around 9500 models, including certain shotguns and even a few 22's.


I don't know if the 715T made it back off the ban list, but because it resembles an AR, so...banned!! This has of course needlessly complicated things for all gun owners and jeopardized the livelihoods of thousands and thousands of Canadian firearms businesses. There are thousands of businesses sitting on now banned stock that they cannot sell or otherwise do anything with. If they are able, they can send stock back to their suppliers but that is a maze of complications and legal mumbo-jumbo for many. Some were imported and cannot be exported = stuck.

Among other issues, the government is literally floundering in their attempts to manage their hastily implemented ban and are having trouble finding a contractor to run the buyback / confiscation program for them. Apparently, they've put out numerous notices for contract tender and there are NO TAKERS...NONE. LOL! It would seem in their rush to grab guns they hadn't thought things through. Also, (gotta love bureaucrats that act too fast) the CFP (Canadian Firearms Program) has been sending notices to firearms owners that their registrations have been "nullified"...a word that does not exist in Canadian firearms law. They are using it as an attempt to prevent individual license holders from appealing the decision and challenging it in court which is allowed under the law, but the word used in the law is "revoked" or "revocation" not nullified. So, they have essentially shot themselves in the foot by not using their own recognized terminology and there has been legal precedent set recently in an Alberta court where the judge found that the nullification was indeed the same as revocation and so agreed that the licensee had grounds to appeal.

This is all in addition to the many legal challenges that have been launched since May 1st. It is unfortunate that Trudeau's minority government continues to be propped up by other leftist parties as they seek to fulfill their own agendas. Trudeau is regularly pilloried in Parliament but the opposition lefties see an opportunity to gain votes the next time around and so they continue to prop up our own "lame duck" leader. Trudeau has continued to have scandal after scandal and is already pushing a bigger green agenda while the country is sucking wind. We had our highest daily death toll this last Thursday and he came out with his new enviro-plan to tax us out of carbon emissions and green economy agenda the very next day without a mention of the deaths the previous day...I can't even begin to adequately express my utter disdain for Trudeau so I won't even try.

He was already slapped down once this summer for floating the idea of grand environmental reforms while everyone else just wants to get through this damn pandemic. The guy is pathetic and I just can't believe people continue to vote for him...it boggles my mind.

I smell another "crisis-tunity".
. . . they've put out numerous notices for contract tender and there are NO TAKERS . . .

I think USA gun grabbers should take notice. When they finally do find such a company here, it will probably turn out to be a secret Iranian outfit backed by the Chinese. We will not be as polite about that as the Canadians might be.
I think USA gun grabbers should take notice. When they finally do find such a company here, it will probably turn out to be a secret Iranian outfit backed by the Chinese. We will not be as polite about that as the Canadians might be.

We are at a critical crossroads and it is now no longer possible to justifiably ignore malevolent, foreign entities that have made significant efforts (with some success) to cause western countries to literally trip over themselves. We are now devouring each other and they just keep fanning the flames. It is sad that so many people don’t see how foreign interference has impacted their own perception of the world; And have abandoned the often difficult but oh so necessary critical thinking that is foundational to keeping free societies free.
CM, I think we are at a point in history in the USA that most, at least folks over 60, never imagined we would be. I had conversations 5 years ago when it looked like Hillary might be Obama 2.0 about gun control measures that she would/could undertake. The lackadaisical attitude I encountered was surprising to say the least. Now here we are one presidential term later and not only gun control is at stake, but also the courts, the electoral college, and the whole constitution for that matter. I only hope those same folks are more tuned in now and are taking all of this seriously.

Canadian and American patriots must support one another. We stand shoulder to shoulder.
It is hard to not feel like we are reaching critical mass...something is gonna blow somewhere. And, yeah the laid back attitude of so many people who can’t see the forest for the trees is frightening. I think some people just can’t handle the notion that all is not well...not well at all. They can’t face it.

I also can’t understand why people are running around these free lands begging the government to take their freedoms away. That baffles me more than anything else.
Gun control isn't about controlling crime. Never was.

War on guns has been ongoing for decades.

They're wanting to make guns the next alcohol and cocaine. (reference prohibition and the war on drugs)
PM Justin Trudeau and Bill Blair have turned 2.2 million Canadian tax paying RCMP licenced/vetted, CSIS monitored 24/7 365 "DOTY" that provide $8,500,000,000 to the Canadian Economy and 48,000+ Jobs to individuals, and families, into Criminals overnight on a whim by way of Order in Council. Which by passes Parliament and the Democratic process not to mention proroguing Parliament for 6 months so as no one could challenge it or anything else this "minority government" who acts like they are a "majority" are doing.

This is why Canadian Firearm Owners, FA Organizations and Businesses are taking the Government of Canada / RCMP to Federal Court where they will actually have to answer questions under oath and provide facts and transparency, not hearsay and deceit. This is more than Firearms, this is about the theft of private property.

Please take the time to view the videos to learn the seriousness of the Gun grab and support the many legal challenges put forth by several Individuals, Organizations, and Businesses against the unlawful OIC/RCMP/FRT.

Thank you for your time, consideration, and support.

Gun Ban

Gun Ban Pt2

Broken Trust

Gun Ban Exposed

Gun Ban Exposed Pt2

Banned Firearms Link / Lien sur les armes à feu interdites



Christine Generoux / Overturn the Unconstitutional GoC Gun Grab 2020


CCFR Legal Challenge


John Hipwell Judicial review


K.K.S. Tactical Judicial Review


Public Interest Litigants Judicial Review of Order In Council SOR/2020-96.


NFA Court Challenge


J.R. Cox Fight the OIC in Court


Class Action to reverse illegal RCMP FRT changes


Judicial OIC Challenge - John Hipwell & Ed Burlew


RCMP Entraps Licensed Gun Owners

The RCMP entrapped thousands of licensed gun owners when they reclassified 354 formerly Non-Restricted and Restricted firearms as Prohibited without notifying anyone. These were the firearms reclassified after May 6, 2020.

There is no requirement in law for the RCMP to notify gun owners of classification changes even though they put firearm owners in legal jeopardy – a problem we’ve long fought to change.

Seemingly, the RCMP’s reclassifications were performed under the guidance of Public Safety Minister Bill Blair and with the blessing of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

The result of the RCMP’s bureaucratic malfeasance is thousands of licensed firearm owners now illegally possess Prohibited weapons in contravention of Section 91(2) of the Criminal Code[ii].

Unauthorized possession of prohibited weapon or restricted weapon

91(2) … every person commits an offence who possesses a prohibited weapon…without being the holder of a licence under which the person may possess it.

Back on May 1st, 2020, the federal Liberal government of Justin Trudeau, operating under the guidance of Public Safety Minister Bill Blair and the RCMP, reclassified over 1,500 makes and models of firearms as “Prohibited.”

This massive gun ban included firearms that were Non-Restricted and Restricted on April 30th, 2020, and an amnesty was introduced to protect those owners from prosecution for possession under Section 91(2) of the Criminal Code.

Then on May 6th, 2020, the RCMP, presumably under the direction of Public Safety Minister Bill Blair, began reclassifying hundreds of Non-Restricted and Restricted firearms as Prohibited that were not on the May 1st list.

Owners of these arbitrarily reclassified Prohibited firearms are NOT protected by the May 1st amnesty order.

The government makes this clear in the text of SOR/2020-96. [iii]

The Order Declaring an Amnesty Period (2020) (the Amnesty Order) accompanies the Regulations to protect individuals, who were in lawful possession of one or more of the newly prohibited firearms or prohibited devices on the day the Regulations came into force, from criminal liability for unlawful possession for the purpose of allowing individuals to come into compliance with the law.

The amnesty order (SOR/2020-97[iv]) only protects owners of firearms specifically listed in the gun ban by Order in Council.

Words have meaning - "specific" means"clearly defined or identified" - something the RCMP's made-up "variant" is not. In fact, the recently released RCMP definition of what a "variant" is so vague and non-specific that it is laughable.

In other words, if your newly-prohibited firearm is not specifically listed in the OiC, you do not have the protection of the amnesty and you could be criminally charged for the mere possession of your own property.

Many thousands of gun owners are now at the mercy of the RCMP, Public Safety Bill Blair and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

What could possibly go wrong?

History of Deception

First, Justin Trudeau and Bill Blair reclassify over 1,500 makes and models of firearms as Prohibited and destroy the value of millions of dollars of legally-owned property to advance their political agenda.

Then the RCMP reclassified 354 firearms (and counting) as Prohibited, knowing full well that the thousands of licensed firearm owners who possess these firearms have no legal protection from criminal charges.

This is how the RCMP, Bill Blair and Justin Trudeau keep Canadians safe? By sacrificing those who obey all laws and follow every regulation to the letter?

Are the owners of these newly prohibited (and non-amnestied) firearms going to face criminal charges if they try to turn the firearms in to the authorities?

This once again illustrates the total lack of respect for licensed RCMP-vetted firearm owners displayed since Bill Blair and Justin Trudeau took office.

This can’t possibly end well for our community.


Data courtesy of Armalytics.ca

[ii] https://laws-lois.justice.gc.ca/eng/acts/c-46/page-22.html

[iii] http://canadagazette.gc.ca/rp-pr/p2/2020/2020-05-01-x3/html/sor-dors96-eng.html

[iv] http://canadagazette.gc.ca/rp-pr/p2/2020/2020-05-01-x3/html/sor-dors97-eng.html
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