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Last Time You Fired A Shot

Well, its exactly 24hrs since my cataract surgery, and I've just opened the cabinet to look through my scopes.... and I'm almost in tears about how clear they look..!! I was especially concerned about the ACOG, which doesn't have any focusing on it... but the chevron is clear and i can even read the BDC numbers on the reticule. The new lens looks like its massivly improved my astigmatism too, I tried some red-dots, and they are now just a dot, not a fuzzy star. Even the iron/peep sights on my underlevers and AK are clearer.!! To say I'm overjoyed is an understatement..!!


Well I missed this post entirely but I have to say that if you had the intraocular lens transplants it is the same thing I had, and you will likely be very pleased with them.

The doctor told me there would be some dryness in my eyes and prescribed some eyedrops, but they are not necessary except in the most extreme occasions when I am exposed to wind or dust.

I was certainly encouraged to go out and shoot more after the surgery.
I'm going to comfort myself thinking there are no live circuits inside that panel... :eek: :D

How about if you bent a couple pieces of steel gas tubing and ran the cable through it where it is hanging the plate? To avoid the cable getting chewed by lead splatter?

There`s no power in that end of the shop and as far as the cable getting chewed up, I don`t shoot a lot and that cable is easily replaced...
Yesterday it was nice enough that slipped down to the shop for a little lead slinging...

A load of Winchester Defender (1 oz slug & 3 pellets of 00 buckshot) hit the steel from 21ft. I place a paper target on the gong to see the pattern...

103_0556 (2) (1).jpg

This target was against the backstop...

103_0558 (2) (1).jpg

Slug on the left was recovered from the backstop and the other was the one that impacted the gong...

103_0562 (2).JPG

I finished up with some tac reloads from the saddle, I need work...

103_0569 (2).JPG
I had the 702 plinker out today at 50 yards. I have 2 of the Mossy 25 round mags that I’m trying to work on the get them to work consistently. I remember when they were new they seemed to be ok but now that they are old and seldom used they a problematic. Needless to say I have some more work to do.
Just a comment on the 702 plinkster it is a pretty accurate .22 rifle for $129 US dollars. I’m going to take it down and see if I can free float the barrel (if it’s not already).