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Light options for 20 gauge Shockwave?


Spock, let me refer you to another thread over under the the "Optics and Lights" section, then select subsection "Flashlight and Weapons Light".

I think you will find the discussion thread entitled "Need Light Recommendation" helpful.

My bottomline - you plan for the worst case scenario. I advocate having a light on your Shockwave. The worst case scenario you would likely encounter is multiple intruders on a completely dark night and your power is out. The inside of your house is pitch black.

I think the referenced thread will be helpful and if it raises additional questions we would all be willing to help.

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I really like the Racker, and don't mind the extra bulk. I was hoping Streamlight would release a 20-gauge Racker. Unfortunately, when I emailed them, they said they had no intention of doing so.