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Little help with a forend retainer


Copper BB
Good afternoon. I have a Mossberg 935 Magnum Turkey. I bought it in the fall of 2019. Since then, I have only fired it 14 times. I shot a turkey on April 23rd of this year and the spent casing ejected. However, the bolt only closed 3/4 of the way and a new round never cycled out of the tube.

A couple days later, I began to disassemble the gun. While taking the forend off, the forend retainer fell to the floor in 3 pieces.

Any ideas on why or how this occured? I have reached out to Mossberg and they stated they would send me a replacement. However, I'm not sure I want to go the polymer route again. I had came across a company called OR3GUN that makes aluminum alloy retainers. I filled out their contact form but hadn't heard anything back from them. Has anyone here heard of or used this company? Are they still in business?

On a brighter note, I have used Mossberg shotguns since 1995. I've also carried one in my patrol car for 19 years. (500 security model then upgraded to the 930 a few years back). They have never failed me.

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I have several OR3GUN componants in my 930. They all work great. I have not updated any in my 935 yet, but I plan to

I hughly recommend them.

Hey @OR3GUN !!


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Thanks for the feedback. I was essentially trying to make sure I was ordering the right part. I'm thinking the "Field Fit" is the one I am looking for. I see they're currently out of stock but, I can wait.

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