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Looking for 2 cents on guitar strap for gun sling.


Just curious really, I stopped playing music over a year ago after I left the band I started. Recently I stumpled across some straps including my favorite one. I couldnt help but to think that would make one sweet gun sling. Even been thinking I could add some strap locks and replace the screw to one that would fit my gun.

What do you guys think?

Here is the hardware Im thinking to use.




And the strap in question

old mossy

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make sure you post some pics when done. :D


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I cannot say for sure, but I think it might end up being a PITA.

A sling for a long gun (rifle/shotgun) needs to have sufficient internal stiffness that it doesn't easily get "twisted up" but instead it always stays sufficiently straight in emergency situations that it naturally opens up and lays across your back and shoulder. Without stiffness it can turn into a knotty eff'ed up kinda mess that looks different but would sure slow you down.

If your guitar strap can stand stiff and not get gnarly on you during transit from slung rest to raised gun then you have a WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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The strap in the pic only has a single stitch line holding it together and the plastic does not look that strong.

I know people trust their expensive investments with them but the stresses it would have to endure on a gun are different than a guitar on a stage and I would not trust it to hold up on a firearm.

If you do try it, I would be curious to hear how it holds up over time..


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I actually like the idea. I have several guitars and one of them is about as heavy as my 100 atr. I think you would be fine as long as you did go with the strap locks. Most my guitar straps are better quality than the gun slings so in my opinion durability probably isn't the issue rather the way it's all connected to your rifle.


I would agree, Its all going to come down to how well you can attach it. I spent 40$ and got a universal tactical sling that will go on any gun and gives you a multitude of attachment options (3-point etc...). Its made of decent quality material that can take a beating. I would be worried about the eyelets on the strap, if they are metal they may end up scratching your piece. Lastly, I would never want that as a strap while i'm hunting, most decent slings have a pad, or some kind of cusion to make it more comfortable when your packin her around. Still I am curious how it will turn out so make sure to keep us posted with pics.


I like the idea of a guitar strap as they stand up under a lot of stress. I play Bass and use the Ernie Ball locks, they seem to be a little more convenient.
My only question would be using the strap in the off hand position. Mine are pretty thick and not so wrap around friendly, but my Carvin Bass weighs a ton compared to my Schecter Guitar. I say go for it and be sure to post your accurate results.
http://www.guitarcenter.com/DiMarzio-2- ... =104000054

If I were to try this myself I'd probably go with a Di Marzio strap lock strap. The one linked happens to be in woodland styled camo and would be my choice.

Good luck if you go forward with this. Post up the results. Most of these strap lock designs are way more than sufficient. You wouldn't have to worry about it not being strong enough. Di Marzio claims theirs is rated for up to 150 lbs and I believe it. When you have well over a thousand dollar instrument hanging off your shoulders you want to invest in a decent strap. Good ones are not cheap.

While I like the idea of your recycling I still think you should choose the right tool for the job and get a proper strap intended for a firearm but each to his or her own.



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I like the idea. Is it possible to sew a pad or something on it?

I have an old strap from my bass, caution yellow with the words police line do not cross. Might have to repurpose it. ;)