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Magazine Extensions


Over the weekend someone ask be about adding a two shell magazine extension to his new shotgun. In his case it's a Shockwave. So obviously any magazine extension on a Shockwave would extend well past the muzzle of the barrel. My first inclination was to ask why he wanted to do this and we discussed the attributes of what I call combat loading on the go. However, I think the question deserves consideration.

Seems likely that the tube extending beyond the barrel would not be damaged during firing of the weapon because most of the competition shotguns you see today have magazine extensions that extend well beyond the muzzle. That said, I'd be concerned about light shadowing by the extension in home defense or CQB operations. Plus adding length to this type of gun kind of defeats the purpose of having a short barrel shotgun (SBS) or Shockwave.

I've never used a magazine extension on a shotgun but thought it might deserve a discussion.

Are any of you running magazine extensions on any shotguns that extend beyond the muzzle?

If so, any issues you've encountered with light shadowing or restricted movement in close quarters?

Other issues or thoughts?

What say you?
I have not used an extension nor do I plan to, but that's me. I'm using the Maverick 88 for home defense and in my mind, the extra length would take away some of the maneuverability that made the '88 attractive in the first place. I chose the '88 over a Shockwave because I thought it would be easier for a feeble old man to handle. ;)
Thinking about mag extensions that competitors use, in the grand scheme of things, the shot has not spread really at all by the time it clears the extension. I would imagine there will be a certain amount of powder blasting...

I did watch a video by Forgotten Weapons on the Winchester 1897 "Trench Gun" that uses a M1917 bayonette. He tells a story of an Army reviewer had concerns about the bayo mount looking "fragile" because it was mounted way down as the normal mounting hole for the rifle barrel would not fit over the shotgun barrel. A quick-thinking Winchester rep said they had to do that so the pellets wouldn't hit it which is untrue, but satisfied the Army reviewer. ;)


That's all I got... ;)
Bobster, I suspect you are right about increase powder blasting and residue winding up on the magazine extension. No different with ARs and forward mounted flashlights getting coated with residue.

But I'm still wondering about light shadowing. Might have to experiment with that using a cardboard tube taped on the magazine cap.

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I tried to preserve the compact nature of my shockwave by just using the mini shells in the tube (8) and having the chamber stuffed with a full size OO load. In the 18’ I’m spraying, I have to believe I’m good..
Residue wipes off with solvent.

In any case, where I must use my home defense device, the last thing I will worry about is residue on it.

If somebody comes up my hall, any overshot pellets will take out my bay window! ;-(

So far home invasion isn’t a problem here yet. Still I keep a longer mag tube then the shockwave.