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Magazine Tube Question

Discussion in 'Maverick 88 Pump Action' started by bodark, Sep 20, 2022 at 2:37 PM.

  1. TexasShotgunner

    TexasShotgunner Lurker

    Possibly, but I think it would take quite a bit to twist that mag tube. Might need to go ahead and heat it up as well to reduce the breaking torque. People are buying new guns and removing the mag tube with vice grips to sell as replacement parts, I just don't want to mar up the gun so I thought this ring would provide some protection.
  2. bodark

    bodark Lurker

    It might work. There must be a Maverick 88 owner willing to try it. I used Acetone for two days, then clamped the receiver in a padded vice. I then heated up the receiver and used the Husky strap wrench (a very good strap wrench) to try to break the tube loose. Nothing. You might have to use a cheater bar on the vice grips:) However, now that I know I can use your universal shell adapter, without having to install your follower, I am happy as is.

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