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Maverick 88 Pump Action Forearms

Not hard at all. Chances are you have a pinned forend, if you do this means you will need to change the action tube along with the forend.
Heres a pic of the forends,,,,,

forend chart.jpg
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If your mav88 has a pinned forend that unit should swap with no problem.
Also the same gauge.
You can use either size once you remove the pinned forend and tube from your Mav88 as long as the tube and forend are the same size.

forend chart.jpg
I have an interesting bit to add to this conversation my 20 gauge maverick 88 came with a foregrip nut I've never actually taken it apart but I'm getting my Magpul furniture in a couple days (SGA buttstock and moe foregrip) and I don't think I'll need the tube adapter because I have no pins in my foregrip and the nut already but we'll see I'll keep you guys posted
I'll post pics for sure. I'm not 100% sure of my plan but everything else I've seen says it needs that nut and if you're action is pinned you need the other reciever tube so we shall see how it's goes fingers crossed I don't need either
Well I was able to adapt the butt stock as I knew I would be able to but I still need the longer action even though the original isn't pinned it's too short for nut to be able to screw to the tube with the spacer they provide for the fore grip so if anyone has a link to it I'd really appreciate it.
I have tried a 7-5/8" and a 6-5/8" forend action slide tube and neither of them work for my 12ga, Maverick 88 20in Barrel. The arms on the action tube look are too long compared to my stock single piece molded forearm to engage the cartridge stop to feed the elevator assembly. This prevents the new round from feeding when ever I use the pump.

The 7-5/8" forend I used is P/N# 53170A.


Has anyone run into this issue?
Never seen that. If you line up the three in the pic below they are the same.

Your pinned arms sure look shorter.???

I know you can interchange them,I took the 7 5/8" tube off my 500 and put the pinned one from a Mav88 on and it works.

action tube arms.jpg
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From everything i've read, this swap out should have been simple. I would really like to minimize the machining need to get this tube to work. My only idea now is to use the slide tube arms from my existing forearm and trying to mount them on the 7-5/8" tube assembly I now have.

Can I ask what the length of your action slide tube's arm is from the collar to the end of the arm is?
Where did you get your action slide tube?
My action tube is from my 1988 500A. I got the pinned one from a member here who gave it to me about two years ago from a new Mav88.

I need to dig out the 7 5/8" tube (somewhere in moving boxes). I'll post the arm length tomorrow for you.
I just measured the arm length,,,,,from the end of tube to end of arm is 6 7/16".