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Maverick 88 Pump Action Photo Gallery


Couple upgrades to the ole Mav added the light some high viz sites and reamed and tapped the barrel to install the modified choke


Copper BB
Here’s my 88. Got it about 14 years ago. I put on an 18.5” barrel, Hogue 12” LOP buttstock, an HSGI shell card and a Streamlight Protac light with an L&M mount. I recently put on a Limbsaver slip on for an added inch of LOP but may take it off. The rubber end is a bit too sticky and tends to grab clothing when shouldering. Thinking of adding a sling to it.


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Papa D

Just a few of Miss Dixie. Not any changes since my last picture in 2019, just more rounds through her.

The light in the pictures is a Surefire 6px Pro attached with a CDM Mod-C clamp. The light is solid, but the clamp is not. It continues to drop the light under recoil after about 25-30 rounds. Just a heads up if anyone is looking to put a light on your rig.

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