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Maverick 88 Pump Action Reviews...

Mine is a 20 gauge. I have only had it a month or so, and have only fired it three times pheasant hunting, using the new 3" Federal Prairie Storm 1 1/4 oz. lead shells. I love how light it is to carry, and it functions just like my other 500s, except I must admit I am having trouble getting used to the safety in front of the trigger, as all my other guns with trigger guard mounted safetys are on the rear of the trigger guard. I like the gun fine so far. I need to shoot it more, but I have a lot of shotguns and not enough free time. Also, it's deer season right now (rifle).
I bought 4 of the Maverick 88's with 18.5 barrels, for Christmas gifts to my adult kids, which 3 of the 4 are young ladies. I have taken them all out shooting many times. I have also instructed them in tear down's Cleaning and lube. I have a 590A1 and really can't see much difference for over twice the price. Even when you tear them down and place all the parts side by side they are almost identical. Don't get me wrong, I love my 590A1, but the value of the Maverick's at $189 is just remarkable for having a very reliable, dependable home defense shotgun. Who needs all the fancy stuff when a young woman just needs a bead sight and the shotgun under the bed ready to go!! One of my young daughters lives alone and her new shotgun has made her feel so much safer. I have taken my girls shooting often with handguns since they were in Jr High school so they are not timid around firearms and would not hesitate to use one if needed. I give the Mossberg Maverick 88 very high marks for a very low price.
Ive had my maverick field for about 5 years or so.
chase everything from Dove to Tree Rat with it.
A little WD-40 if it gets wet and some CLP when it gets home (maybe) is about all it gets.
Just bought a maverick 88. Been wanting one for a while. I also own a 590. The maverick at 18.5 inches is very lite and easy to handle around corners. I also put a Blackhawk Knoxx Stock on it. It helps ease the recoil a lot. The only thing I need to do is to do something about the bead sight. With the Knoxx Stock it's shooting high. About 12 high at 25 yards. I may add ghost sights to see how that does. Anyone else have this challenge?
Ive had my 88 for a few yrs now and have found it to be very reliable and well made for the price. Ya theres nicer shottys but not for $200+ . With a few add on's its become mean zombie gun, just in case i need it. I would love to post a picture but im having trouble getting one on...must be me lol
I got my 88 for free, New 20" 500 barrel and extended mag. SEXY!!

shooting 3" 00 buck kinda packs a wallop.

I like the trigger safety.
Most of you have seen pictures of my 88. I is a by far a really nice shot gun for the price and the limits you can take it to are only limited to your mind. I'm never content in anything that I do and it's the same for my shotguns.

The 88 has the safety in the forward on the trigger group and the fore-end is not easily replaced . That is the only difference in it and the 500A

I traded off the 28 inch barrel for a cylinder bore 18-1/2 inch barrel. Big mistake, I should have just out and out bought another barrel but I was living on a budget. Then in further modification and additions, I had to modify the fore-end for more clearance on the modified heat shield. The heat shield was modified to fit the tri-rail for the laser and tactical light. Sometimes I might want to use a quick point sight so I added an Aimtech saddle rail that attaches by replacing the trigger group pin with a bolt and replacing the ejector screw with a longer screw and an Allen head nut. After doing this the ATI top folding stock would not comfortably close.

I modified the ATI folder by using my die grinder to provide clearance over the saddle rail and make the folder fold completely and I deburred the entire stock so it has no rough edges. I like the folder folded for HD but the folder is noway comfortable to shoot in the extended position. The ammo storage on the folder is nice but since I have experienced the Knoxx Blackhawk Spec-Ops Recoil Reducing Stock, I am spoiled. Even though the Knoxx will make it a lot longer, in the totally collapsed position, it will still work well when shooting from the hip. That why the laser. The addition of a single point sling came along.

I added a bi-pod that attaches via a swivel mount but am not happy with the swivel mount because it does not attach to the picatinny tri-rail. Made poorly and only has one screw to hold it in place. I will most likely get a DoubleStar swivel mount because of good reviews, it has 3 screws and appears that it will work on a weaver or oicatinny rail.

I have had one jam from all the ammo it's burned through. That jam was on ejecting a Remington HyperSonic Steel HSS122 3 inch 1700 FPS 1-1/8 oz #2 shot. The spent shell come out but the rough end of the shell hung and I had to use a pair of needle nose pliers to remove the shell. Again, this could have been my fault for not pumping it quick enough. I just don't know.

Hopefully before Christmas I can get another Knoxx for my 88. In the mean time, I'm using the 835 for shooting magnum loads.

The main drawback for the 88 is a fixed magazine and fixed fore-end. Both can be modified if you want to spend the money but it might get to the point that it would have been cheaper just to buy the gun you wanted to begin with.

Before I started doing everything to the 88, she was ready to go out of the box. I did add swivel screws to the original synthetic stock and have a barrel nut with a swivel screw as well.
I have had Mossberg Shot guns for over 40 years now. My Dad bought me a 500 for my 13th. b-day. It kicked the hell out of me but I was the happiest kid on the block with a sore shoulder. Now I have two new Mavericks, one 12 and one 20. Love them both but since I broke my back two years ago I haven't been able to shoot ether one much.When I Finally get a suppression stock for them I plan to do a lot of hunting. i am thinking of getting a 18" barrel for the 12 though. I have already had someone try to inter my home knowing that we are here. I do have a couple of fine Henry's for when they do manage to go through the three dead bolts. I'll be waiting. I think Mossberg's are the most reliable gun out there and you can't beat the price...But that's just me.LOL
Re: St. Patrick's Day Photo Contest and Giveaway!!!

* Merged from the St. Patrick's Day Photo Contest

Ladies and gentlemen here is my entry. She is a Maverick 88 with original St. Patrick's Day camo and 28" smooth bore.
This is my go to shotgun for hunting quail, jackrabbit, hare, dove, and hogs. She has worked flawlessly with any ammo I have put through her. She goes "BANG!" every time. The purchase was made 13 years ago for around $99. I feel I have gotten more than my moneys worth out of this tool. :)
On a lighter note, I almost lost her when I placed her in the weeds. For those of you that cannot distinguish the shotgun from the local botanical specimens, I included a picture of the shotgun without the camo. If this was a Valentine's day contest, I would have covered her with red, pink, and white heart shaped stickers and professed my UN-dieing love for here. :lol:


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I'm approaching 60 and bought my first gun just last month. It was the Maverick 88 20 gauge with the long barrel. I've gone out to the range several times now to shoot some clays. My first time I hit 5 of 25. Each time out has improved. A couple of days ago I hit 25 of 25. I'm lovin' this shotgun!
I might add that I've become such a fan of shooting that in the last two weeks I've also picked up a pistol (Ruger SR22) and this past week a Mossberg 715T rifle.
It's great to see that you're enjoying your new Mav 88!

I love shooting .22lr as well. It's a great way to have a good time at the range without breaking the bank on ammo. Be sure to let us know how you like the 715T. We'd love to see pics of your SR22 in our Ruger thread...

On the Maverick 88, I just finished a new product for it, but I will wait on that.
I have had a 500, and a friend has a 590, and the Maverick 88 has only 3 differences other than a 100.00 less price tag. I see it the same except for the safety location, which I like because I use a pistol grip, no holes on top for scope, and the forend is not replaceable......yet.

I just finished over 500 rounds of testing with this 225.00 20", 12 ga, and I am impressed.
Not one failure to feed or eject, and I haven't cleaned it yet....using Walmart Federal & WInchester #8 bird loads. I put a Blackhawk Gen 2 recoil reducing stock on it, and without that I never would have been able to test 500 rounds.

I appreciate Mossberg offering this as a less expensive alternative.

Does anyone know of any other differences than the ones I mentioned ?

I would show pics, but not until the moderators OK it .

Thanks in advance.
I purchased a mav 88 11yrs ago at Wally world. I have more expensive shotguns, but i use my 88 gets meat for tree rat's and rabbits. She hits what you aim at. I love the 88. I think it's a great value for a first time gunner. and it's a gun once you have it , you wont get rid of it.
I have a couple mossberg shotguns, one of which is an 88 I've had for over a year. I've put thousands of rounds through it of all types. I've shot a lot of clay pigeons with it. The ony problem I ever had was when the cheap winchester super X targets loads I was using were sticking in the chamber causing tough ejection. I polished the chamber with steel wool on a cleaning rod with a drill. Never had the problem again. I love my mossbergs.
Waiting to pick up my"88" and look at some "SMALL" additions. Sling 1st yet need hardware for rifle then look for a sling.
My 88's function flawlessly. Wife's 20 gauge might be my favorite lol. It's so smooth and already has slide tube on the forend. When I shoot it, the forend slides back just from the recoil. It's almost too smooth

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