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Maverick 88 Pump Action Troubleshooting

I have an 88 I got I've a year ago. Stripped and cleaned it right away. I started using it frequently for trap and sporting clays regularly, and the occasional buck and slug rounds for fun. After about 2000 rnds I started experiencing ejection problems. I figured out through other threads like this one that the problem was that the aluminum (not brass) heads on the Winchester super x target loads I was using would swell when they were fired, causing them to stick inside the chamber and it took considerable force to pump the slide back. Those two ejector claws won't let go for anything. The solution: I polished the chamber by wrapping a cleaning brush in steel wool, putting it on a cleaning rod, inserting the rod to a power drill and spinning it at its highest speed moving it in and out, back and forth for about 15-20 minutes. I used a little bit of oil on the pad. When I was done the chamber looked a lot shinier. After that I never had the problem again. I found the information I needed in a thread like this one, so I thought I'd give back to the Mossberg community by sharing my experience and what I learned.

-shoot often, and enjoy your guns.
So, I have a minor issue with my 88. It shoots high no matter which barrel it has on it. I got it to put a Muzzleloader conversion barrel on it, with the sight adjusted all the way down it still shoots 10 inches high. I switched to a 28 inch smooth bore for goose hunting, and the patterning is about 12 inches high centered. I have not patterned the 18 inch security barrel, but I am assuming it will have similar results. Has anyone else come across this? I still goose hunt with it, I just aim low, but I have missed a couple birds and want to get it fixed. Any input is much appreciated. Thanks.
True, I just thought it was weird that all of the barrels shot high. I guess it could be a stock issue too, if I rode up too high on my cheek mount, that would bring the front bead up higher. I switched my Muzzleloader barrel to one of my 500's so I could put a scope on it. But goose hunting with the long barrel it's still high. I need to break out the laser bore sight tomorrow and see what it looks like.
I have a 500 that I use to shoot a lot of Skeet with, 20" cylinder bore barrel.
I always had to shoot low to hit the birds.
It has been turned into my ZOMBIE / HD gun and I use my hunting 500's for Skeet now.
I never did figure out why it was shooting high.
If I can figure it out, I will post my fix. I did just pick up another 500 just for the goose hunting. I figure I would just try another gun and maybe it will hit true to point of aim. At least through the end of goose season in Virginia, Feb 18th. My 835 is still at Mossberg being repaired, my Mav 88 will be relegated to home defense while I try to figure out the high patterning. I also have another 500 for home defense, and a 500 with the muzzleloader barrel an a scope. My wife says that I have an addiction. She's just jealous because she is a Remington fan and there is only one if those in the house.
This was the temp driving to the blind this past Saturday.

And that was before the wind chill near the water. It was like -15 wind chill on the river.
But as a friend told me, these temps are the reason that I shoot a Mossberg pump gun.
They dont care how cold it is they still go bang!
I just ran my bore scope through my Mav. Three different barrels, all pointed dead nuts to point of aim. My only other thought is the ammo I was using? I might try different ammo next time I go out to shoot. I was using federal Black Cloud ammo for the geese. I'll try some estate ammo that I have and see what it does.
We'll as far as the shooter, I used a different shotgun and different ammo and got these results. So I think I am doing it right. I'll try different ammo and post results.