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Maverick 88 Pump Action Troubleshooting

image.jpg So I just shot different ammo. Same results, 29 pellets above the duct tape center, 8 pellets below the tape. Used two different barrels, same result out if each one. I guess I can slap on an 18" barrel and use it for home defense. Shots less than 30 feet, aim center mass! Looks like I'm switching to my 500 for goose hunting.
I got crazy today, and I broke out the tape measure. Comparing my 88 to my 500, the stock is 5/16" higher in the comb, and 1/2" shorter than my 500. Other than that they measure the same from receiver level to barrel sight bead. I might try switching the furniture, I like the look of some old wood stocked shotguns. I'll try it and see how it does. Again, I will post my findings. Thanks for the input.
I picked up a blackhawk M4 style stock. With it fully extended, the bead sits about right. When I collapse the telescoping stock I can see a lot of barrel. I think that the shorter stock with the higher comb could have been the culprit. Unfortunately I can't shoot it right now, my back went out, and we got a foot of snow last night. I'm laid up on the couch all day.
My Maverick has had a couple of fails, of course at the least convenient times. Just lost a black grouse because of it, so now I've had it! It has happened two times out of maybe 50 rounds, and that's two too many for a hunting gun!

The hammer obviously strikes, as I hear a click, and the pump can be pulled to reload, ejecting the unfired cartridge. The primer shows absolutely no signs of being struck by the firing pin, no indentation at all. I've had no problems with light strikes.

After the first incident, I cleaned and lubed everthing really good, but it still happened again. So something is obviously not working like it should.

I have the trigger unit with the half cock hammer, and the gun is waaaay beyond warranty. The gun is not heavily used and was bought new by myself.

I also read about faulty firing pins, but that would probably give me more frequent trouble, including occasional light strikes?

Sanding down the half cock notch could perhaps solve it, but that sounds a bit risky to me, because it is a safety feature which probably is there for a good reason.

Are all the new trigger groups supplied without the half cock feature? And if so, do they have any other safety features to compensate for it?

What do you guys think I should do here?

(Btw: I live in Europe.)
If I can figure it out, I will post my fix. I did just pick up another 500 just for the goose hunting. I figure I would just try another gun and maybe it will hit true to point of aim. At least through the end of goose season in Virginia, Feb 18th. My 835 is still at Mossberg being repaired, my Mav 88 will be relegated to home defense while I try to figure out the high patterning. I also have another 500 for home defense, and a 500 with the muzzleloader barrel an a scope. My wife says that I have an addiction. She's just jealous because she is a Remington fan and there is only one if those in the house.

I know this is an old thread but if anyone is lookin in on the oldies...I have a bit of insight.

I was watching a Hickock45 video yesterday, (9/30/16) and his experience with slugs was that all his shots were quite high also. Is it a coincidence that his shots were high and so are yours? I had a Mossy 500 slug barrel years ago and it shot pretty high. All this just to say, it sounds like a design flaw, or idiosyncrasy. Has anyone contacted Mossberg about this?

I just ordered a new Maverick 12 ga from Bud's so I am interested in how these guns shoot. I have always been a Mossberg fan but I could only afford the cheaper sub brand this time around. I want to get the 24" VR ported accessory barrel next month. I will use that as my all around inside outside barrel. The 28" will be the standby.

It will be for hunting more than anything and from squirrels (can't hold my 22s steady anymore so I need something like a medium sized punt gun to git me some tree rats.) up to coyotes and deer. I usually use a 20 ga but I have wanted a 12...so I got it. If I can figure out a remedy I will post it.
My 20" fixed cylinder barrel on my HD/Zombie gun shoots high as well.
I shot Skeet with it a few times and had to shoot under all the birds.
My 28" choked and ribbed barrels shoot POA.
My 20" fixed cylinder barrel on my HD/Zombie gun shoots high as well.
I shot Skeet with it a few times and had to shoot under all the birds.
My 28" choked and ribbed barrels shoot POA.

Thanks. Mine should be here is a couple more days.