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Maverick 88 stock loose?

I just bought a new Maverick 88 security, took it out and fired about 20 rounds of slugs and buckshot and it shot and functioned great. However after cleaning and tightening the barrel nut back on, I noticed the stock moved slightly. This is a brand new gun and the stock is loose, could this be a defect or normal? what type screwdriver removes the pad, should I use blue loctite on the bolt and what size is the bolt in the stock? Thanks for any help.

old mossy

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First off congrats on your new Mav88. It is not normal for the stock to be loose.
The pad should have two small phillip head screws holding it to the stock. The bolt holding the stock to the receiver should be a 5/16"x 5" with either a slotted or hex head with a 7/16" thick lock washer. This is from a stock Mossberg 12ga. As far as loctite I would not use it on this bolt.

Keep us posted.


What old mossy said. I would only use Loctite if the butt stock tended to loosen up after shooting and only a drop of blue 242 (or equivalent). The slide furniture is the "foreend". You didn't mention which part of the "stock" you had an issue with--I will assume butt stock because the 88 uses a pinned foreend last I was aware. Synthetic or wood? I'll assume synthetic although it tightens the same as wood--a washer under the bolt is recommended. Avoid over-tightening. With a 500, the safety is on top and the stock screw can interfere with operation, not so much with an 88 but you still have to consider the stock screw invading the trigger group space...


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I am sure that you can snug up the shoulder stock without any specialized tools and the looseness will never reoccur.

BTW, I have the same 88 security and it has been trouble free. I'm sure yours will be as well.


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I purchased a synthetic stock 930. After 300 rounds of bird shot the stock was on its way to coming loose. I completely disassembled the shotgun and gave it a thorough cleaning. I made sure to give the back end a good tightening so it was nice and snug. I’m still monitoring but it seems to be ok so far.