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May have to add another firearm to my short list...

I've been looking at Aero, it's hard to beat their prices. When I get to that point, I'll price it out again and let you know. Thanks John! :)
Bring it on. Range is always open for family and friends.
Well it's certainly not the most desirable thing the DOJ has banned.

My buddy Dave let me play with a .45cal Hi-Point 1911 clone he had in his safe. He was trying a little to sell it to me, but he knew it was a POS too.
Some old bar fly had bought it from him because it was cheap, then she failed the background check, got prosecuted for an old warrant they discovered in the process, and wound up behind bars for 3 to 5 on some fraud charge.

Anyhow, I could have had it for about $200 NIB, but I decided to save my cash. I knew the reputation, and it wasn't one I fancied.
I've thought of getting a carbine and leaving it loaded in my garage as a gun I can quickly get to when working outside and "something" arises. Covered in cobwebs and general dirt and dust but inside it's clean and lubed so it'll always shoot. That or an SKS.
Hard to go wrong with a good SKS.

I know they're a bit antiquated in the grand scheme of things in terms of features, but I have always liked the 7.62x39 round for numerous, and obvious reasons. I have owned several of them and the only problem I ever had with any of them was when I experienced a blown primer from a Remington UMC round.

I do replace the firing pins on all of mine with Murrays spring loaded firing pin because of all of the slam fire issues that have happened over the years. I had it happen to me once because of the blown primer getting wedged in the firing pin channel. And that was enough that now I replace all my original FP's.