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MCARBO Trigger kit and mad tube follower

I hope this is the right spot to post this.
I have no dog in the hunt just a satisfied customer passing on good info.

I am long time user of MCarbo upgrades for my kel tec sub 2000. Top notch veteran owned company with lifetime guarantee on products.

Anyway I stumbled across their trigger spring kit and metal.mag tube follower.

They have videos to help to install.

Both products performed as advertised.
The trigger spring kit made my Mav 88 trigger much lighter .

The real surprise was the metal mag tube follower. I would have never thought it would make such a big difference.

You have to strip gun down to only bare receiver and heat over stove to get loc tite loose. Doesn't hurt finish at all mine only took about a minute.

It changed the guns loading and cycling characteristics completely. Serious drastic change. This thing loads and cycles like butter now.

Definitely cheap quality practical upgrade.

Highly recommend.

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I have very little hands on with the Keltec guns.

And I had never heard of MCarbo until now, but I'll look and see what all they offer.

Thanks for sharing.