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I tried to grow my beard out like that, but I like to cook and eat too much and it was hell to keep it clean.

Here I am hanging out in the shed.

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Wow Cadd...you look like a serious badass!! Is this your "I want to go to prison" look? Or, the "I wanna hang with Jesse James" look? Either way, that's like some serious urban camo you got going on there!! LOL!!

That's my boss, Sheriff Steve Lawson, giving a welcome to the Handgun Carry Class.
That's me hiding in the back with the red bandana mask.
I got the seats and doors on today, and then I climbed in and out of that car for the first time in 19 mos.

It is tiny and the doors are so small as to be worse than useless!
I am not kidding. Compare the size of that door in the pic above to the size of my arm. Imagine where my feet are, and then getting them thru that door.

It is literally easier to climb over the door, and I believe this will lead me to "weld" the doors shut with fiberglass and epoxy.
Don't glue the doors shut. Just climb over them. Some midget may own it next and be upset if they have to climb over the top of the door to get in.
Screw the midget! This car is mine. He can get a step stool or a saw. LOL

My plan is to epoxy the entire body into one big unit with a hood and decklid.

With a simple fixture, I will be able to hoist the body off the frame in one piece, completely wired.

But it's not quite there yet. The body needs lots of hidden work because of design flaws and manufacturing defects (lumps inside) and many adventures of misassembling. It needs to be blocked down and painted eventually. Though it will soon be presentable enough to show for now, it's not going to win any trophies.

This car has a little "special interest" value to a collector of kit kars or VW oddities, but it's not so much that I wouldn't cut it all up to modify as I see fit. Aside from a year of my spare time and $12,000, it doesn't mean that much emotionally.

It is what it is, but what it is not is a Jaguar, or even a modestly faithful replica of the SS car that fostered Jaguar, pre-war. It is a full custom job, sharing not one single part. Not even nuts and screws were the same. Nothing.

Not even the cat on the hood.

With that in mind, customizing a custom job is the prix de guerre, if it is not to remain a garage queen. I have no idea how many of these exact bodies were made or still exist, but I see one turn up in the ads every now and then. They molded about 800 of these bodies, but the ones for Pinto engines were a bit different, having mainly a larger lid for front engine access.
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I got in a 80's MG Midget once. I was looking for a convertible at the time. The car was so small that I couldn't get my feet high enough to get out of the door. I ended up having to roll out the door and crawl the rest of the way out.

Needless to say, I didn't buy that car.

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I had a 1964 Midget. 1098cc bored .030 over with high compression pistons. Dual SU's and headers to a big glasspack. First gear made from well-aged cheddar.

Stripped the 1st/reverse, broke the crank, lost wheels, many other misadventures...

It had bigger doors and you could get out of it a lot easier.