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I had a 1964 Midget. 1098cc bored .030 over with high compression pistons. Dual SU's and headers to a big glasspack. First gear made from well-aged cheddar.

Stripped the 1st/reverse, broke the crank, lost wheels, many other misadventures...

It had bigger doors and you could get out of it a lot easier.
I built a go-kart a while back, had lots of fun out on the dry lake beds with it. The first time I took it out I was doing almost 40 downhill in a residential when I look over and see my right wheel keeping pace off the left side of the kart. Since the kart had side-by-side seating my weight was keeping the kart balanced enough so it wouldn't scrape! Pulled over, picked up the wheel and drove home on the remaining three.


Good times.
I did that in the MG going up Logan Canyon. Too stupid to check the wingnuts. As I entered a gentle left about 45-50 mph, my left front came off and took off going 70!

I kept turning left while drifting right to the shoulder. The river was only 10 yards below the road right there. As I slowed to a crawl, using only engine compression and handbrake, I slid over into the passenger seat and pulled the brake. The car stopped and dropped without sliding.

I got to hike thru the rhubarb, fish my wheel out of the water, and dress the buggered splines with a screwdriver sharpened on a rock.

It took an hour to get the car moving again.
By the way, a lot of bad things happened to me over that car, but I would give a lot to have it back today. Of all the cars I ever owned, That midget could corner like a rocket.