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Middle Tennessee

Another scott county native (oneida) and i agree bout the judges ive ogt a cousin who was picked 6 times in 4 months for stealing that and was arrested 4 or 5 other times for other stuff and the 6th time got cought stealing the judge here finally sentenced him to 5 years. But 6 times in 4 months is alot seen how everytime he hadnt even been sentenced for the others. Hes family and i hate to say it but they should have done something about it the 1st time and not let him go just to do it again or atleast keep him in jail until he was sentenced on the other stuff.
Well howdy neighbor!

I'm just up the road a bit in Mt. Juliet. Do most of my shoot'n at Stone's River...
Lazy i had your mayor come over here to our walmart when the AR run hit to pick up our last 3 ARs he got a Colt M4 .223, Windhelm Weapony .223, and Colt M4 .22 I think he was keeping both of the Colts and giving the Windhelm to his aid if im not mistaken.
Well howdy neighbor!

I'm just up the road a bit in Mt. Juliet. Do most of my shoot'n at Stone's River...

Cool. I generally run up to the country in Lafayette for my shooting time. My gf's dad is a pretty avid shooter himself. Then on the 4th of July we all pack up and run to my uncle's in KY for our annual skeet shooting/bbq/ fireworks.. He's got no telling how many acres of farm land and woods.. Which is always fun. Just ain't as much fun in the city limits.. haha

Glad to see some Tennesseans around though.. :)
Yes Sir!

Back home in Texas, I grew up shoot'n on several acres with no neighbors around. That was great. Now I'm in the suburbs and have to head down to the firing range to let a few fly. I've got a buddy with farm land off the Natches Trace and we get out there a few times a year for a couple days of shoot'n. Good times...
That's why I just pay once a year!

I can trick my brain into thinking I'm shoot'n for free the rest of the time... :lol:

+1 for Mayor Hagerty. When did WM start stockin Windham?
We started selling them last year when we started back selling firearms we have colts, sigs, bushmasters, dpmss, and windhelms in .223, the only .308 we ever had was a dpms, and colt, mossberg, and smith and wesson .22s some other stores might have diffrent one then what we sell but i know all walmarts that sell guns sell the ones i listed for sure atleast that is when they have them in stock we 50 somethings ar's before the rush started and since the first day of it we have only got in 1 dpms sportical in .223 i think it was and a smith m&p 15-22 and a mossberg 715t .22 its been crazy the only true sporting goods store we have is called buckhorn and they been selling there ar's for between $2000 for dpmss and up to $5000 for a black rain ordance and the only gun shop we have wants $1500 for a bushmaster patrolmans carbine .223 that we sell at walmart for $925 i think is the price i now its no higher then $950 the highest priced ar we sell is the colt m4 and its $1097.
yea but from what i hear there are people around here dumb enough to buy them so there here to stay for a while anyways if i really wanted one i would just wait until our next one came in and buy it before it ever hit the shelf but im kinda looking for an sks right know i finally found one but cant get the guy to budge on the price he wants $350 for it but im tring to get him down to $250 told him it was a russain i might consider that price but its just a yugo m59 with a 30 round clip and since i dont want the clip im tring to get him to just sell me the gun with out it and buy a 5 or 10 round one for it that is if he will ever budge on the price anyway if probly going to try and offer him $275 for it with out the clip and see what he says i think if i let him set with it for a week or 2 he'll sell it to me.