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Military Surplus Rifles

The Springfield 03's were nicknamed the "whispering death" by the Germans in the trench warfare of WWI...

Service history

World War I
World War II
Second Sino-Japanese War
Chinese Civil War
Cuban Revolution
Korean War
Vietnam War (limited)

...they make awesome platforms for sniper rifles.
I have a few. It all started with a 91/30 Mosin Nagant



I know I have more

lets see...........I have

2 type 99 Arisaka's
1 Type 38 Arisaka
1 91/30 MN
1 M38 MN
1 GEW 88 (1888 Commision rifle)
1 Weimer Republic GEW 98
1 No1 MkIII Lee Enfield
1 M95 Styer
1 Swiss K31
1 No3 mk 1 Enfield .38
1 1895 Nagant revolver
1 Egyptian Hakim
1 VZ52 rifle
2 Romanian "G" AK's
1 Yugo SKS
1 Chicom SKS
and some other non-military C&R rifles
Awesome collection Slug !!

Any one favorite you shoot the most...?!
SHOOTER13 said:
Awesome collection Slug !!

Any one favorite you shoot the most...?!

I llove to shoot the Hakim (8mm Mauser)

I also like the Arisaka's, but the ammo is kinda pricey.
I'm waitin for the word, but I may have found an M14.

I'm hesitant to be optimistic, I kinda dont believe it. I want to, but... I dont wanna be excited and then find out it isnt what I want it to be. I kinda feel like it might be an M1A. I'm interested in that too... if the price is right, but I'm told the guy (an LEO in NKY) has an M14.

I should find out early next week before I leave for Oklahoma. Then I have to figure out how to afford. I'd almost give every other firearm I own and a couple children for the thing!
I'm about to mount a new reflex sight on my Yugo SKS. It's not a Bubba job. I replaced the receiver cover with one with a rail mount. That's all totally reversible and I removed the bayonet, cleaning kit and installed a modern butt stock pad. I had a Vortex SPARC tubular red dot on it and was very satisfied. The Vortex is now on my DPMS AR - I picked up a second Truglo multi- reticle reflex sight that I have found very effective on my 930 and am anxious to get to the range, sight it and see how it performs. More to follow soon. I love the SKS platform-a classic carbine in a great caliber. It eats steel case ammo and cleans up easily. Accuracy is better than my AK. It's a pretty good 100 yd. Gun. I have $250 in it plus the parts mentioned. 10 rounds is not bad. I'd be really happy if I could find a 20 round China fixed mag that would run reliably. I have no plans to modify the gun for larger modern mags.
OK so it's not really a rifle, but I saw this on the floor at my LGS yesterday...

.50 cal Browning M2 HB (heavy barrel) on M63 anti-aircraft mount

Needless to say the shop owner almost kicked me out for drooling all over it. :lol:
I only have 1 actual surplus rifle.

It is a Norinco SKS. (Chinese military issue).

I have an email from the importer that it was imported in May 1989 (which, best as I can tell, would make it a grandfathered gun by precendent where 922 is concerned because the sporting clause was enacted July 6, 1989).

I just picked up my first WW II rifle. Japanese Type 38 6.5 Arisaka. It is in decent shape for what it is. The stock and exterior metal are in good shape, the bore is dark with pitting, but has a lot of rifling left. I only gave $200 for it, so I feel pretty good about it.

I posted a pic of my Pop's Arisaka back on page 2. It was a WWII capture that my grandad brought back to the States. Congrats on the find...
After some research into why this rifle has no markings at all other than a serial number, My buddy who is into WWII rifles has determined that my rifle is actually an Italian made Type 1 in 6.5x50. 120,000 were made for the Imperial Japanese Navy between 1937 and 1939. Disappointed that it was not an actual Type 38, but pretty cool none the less.
Thanks, LES.
My buddy that is into the WWII rifles is actually wanting to buy it for what he calls his "oddities" collection.
I talked to him last night and he has found an armory marking under the bolt handle and a couple other markings that identify when it was made and by what arsenal. He said that Beretta even made some, but this is not one of them. Those are marked with a rather pronounced "PB" rollmark. It has a Carcano action.
He bought a box of Hornady 6.5 ammo for it as well as a box for his 7.7mm Type 99. He has 2 Type 99's. One is "Sporterized", the other is all original but missing the bolt. He can take the 2 and make one though. Both are in good shape and safe to shoot.
I found a place yesterday that has a 91/30 Mosin for $175. I don't know where it was made nor what year. They also have an Enfield #4 MK1 that is nice.
The above mentioned buddy wants them both. He has an Enfield #4 MK1 already, but it is a Savage made US Enfield #4 MK1 that was made for the lend-lease program. It is an awesome rifle though.
Talked about my 1 surplus rifle - a Yugo SKS (one of the grenade launchers) a while back but never posted a pic. I'm still looking for that 20 round internal Chinese mag as well - just not as actively. Mods are all reversible. Some hardware removed and the receiver is an aftermarket unit with a rail:



Camera could not catch it but iron sights are still usable through the peep hole - not ideal but co-witness was not an option.
Thanks - i was happy with the condition and it's a good shooter as well. A few years back Cabela's had a sale using them as loss leading bait to bring in customers ($175? IIRC). The counter guys brought me one in a cardboard box from the back and tried a 'handoff' style sale. We opened it up and I informed them that I wanted to compare a few and find the one that I wanted. They were typical Cosmoline covered messes. After 6 guns I made a choice and they were hating me. The add did not say 'SKS grab bag' so I shopped as I normally would! :D