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Mini Shells for HD

I love my minishells. I've been making my own for a while. Lately I've been cutting down Federal Field & Target #8 shot (cheap and available) to make them. I just cut down the shell, replace the wad with a shortened Windjammer, add 17 #4 buck pellets and an overshot card and roll crimp. According to the factory box, the Federal rounds produce 1200 fps velocity with the 1 1/8 oz payload. When I replace the shot, the 17 #4 pellets weigh in at just a fraction over 7/8 oz. I'm not sure what kind of fps velocity I'm getting, but I doubt it will be less than the factory loads.

I keep both my Shockwave and 500A loaded with some Techrim #4 rounds that I picked up on the cheap. They pattern well and I've never experienced any problems with them. My homebrew minis are for target practice and dispatching the occasional varmint. But so far, I'd be comfortable using them for home defense as well.
Here are some pics of the new Mossberg 590S I got my Wife for Mother's Day. Although she knows her M&P 12 Bullpup inside and out, she's having to learn all of the things most of us already know about Mossberg (& Remington) pump guns. I made sure she had a light, laser, and some extra stuff in and on her new boom-stick. She still rocks the M&P 12 but we can see a considerable difference with how she handles the smaller & lighter 590S. With the amount of mini shells our LGS and PX receive now on a regular basis, she'll have a blast...
What follows is a hilarious range shoot that I was I had recorded live...

When my Wife was on the range with me to shoot 12ga mini shells for the first time with her (then new) S&W M&P 12, I had her go through 20 mini shells of birdshot to get her accustomed to it (10 per tube, L/R). She settled in nicely as she fired off both tubes with no problems, as the M&P 12 easily soaked up what very little recoil there was from the short shells. When it was time to reload, she let me reload it but I loaded 5 mini shells of birdshot in the left tube to go first then I loaded 3 more mini shells of birdshot in the right tube with a 3" magnum slug right after them. All unbeknownst to her, mind you. My small-statured Wife proceeded to quickly go through the left tube's 5 mini's, then she switched over to the right tube's first 3 mini's only to finally cycle and lite off the 3" magnum shell... She musta' flew back a good 3ft from the firing line and had a look on her face that can't be consciously replicated. I nearly ruptured my spleen laughing so hard at the unexpected shot and her surprise to the blast and recoil. Lessons learned were: 1) learn to ID & load your own ammo in the firearm you're using, 2) always brace yourself with the proper shooting stance regardless of firearm used, and 3) (for myself) how the couch feels for a solid week as I heard her complain about me and my pranks. Wish I had this on video somehow... (Lol)
LOL! You got off easy. My wife would've learned to load the gun on the spot. A week on the sofa would've been nothing.
My Wife tired both the KSG and the M&P 12 at the same time but she ended up liking the M&P 12 better, so now she's got both it and her new Shockwave to sport on the range and for HD. I'm glad she's happy and content with her boom-sticks, and I'm even more happy that she's confident and competent with them.