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Greetings from St. Louis, MO! I'm new to Mossberg and this forum. Anybody from Missouri? Feel free to reach out to me. Did any of you hear about the crazy HR 545 bill that could result in gun confiscation and felony charges for owning what they define as an "assault weapon"? No grandfathering in either...


Where's da fishes?
Welcome to MO! Enjoy the site.

Yes, many of the state's problems are being discussed here including Missouri. Use the search function to key in to the latest info. Many rallies and congressional contact info is also being passed around. This site is very keyed into the ongoing struggle to maintain our rights...join the fight.


Welcome Watchman! I've been in StL MO since 2000. Feel free if you want to chat and share info about the regional shooting scene. I do a good bit at the club level and continue to expand the events, ranges, shops etc. that I am involved with.