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Mossberg 500 Disassembly

Sounds like a nice little Mossy. You get a chance post a pic. :)

As far as cleaning,,,,,,,,,


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Where is the video to remove the plastic forend form Mossberg 500 and replace with rat tail forend? Did a search and coudl not find it but thought the forum at one time
had one. Ron
This video is awesome! Just bought my first Mossberg (500c) I had no clue how take that thing apart. This video is easy to understand & follow. I got it apart & back together in about 15 to 20 minutes. No parts left over & everything works! Thanks for great video.
Congrats on your new Mossy. You get a chance post a pic or two.

BTW That is a great video on the 500.
Mossberg 500A
Clear Shotgun
Place on SAFE
Place Bolt in middle of Ejection Port (1/2 way visual)
Remove Barrel(Screw off Barrel)
Remove Trigger Housing Pin (use Hammer/Punch)
Remove Trigger Housing Unit
Remove Cartridge Interrupter
Remove Cartridge Stop
Slide Bolt back and take out Bolt Slide
Slide off Slide
Push out Bolt thru Receiver
Lift out (squeeze) Elevator
Does anyone else use a small dab of white grease to cartridge interrupter and cartridge stop in place while putting the trigger assembly in?
I did and found it made it much easier to manipulate.
I used this as I have used it on the rails of all of my Glocks, H&K's and Colt 1911A1's and found it to be a great lube for the price.
Sounds like a great idea. When I was new to breaking down 500's they could be a pain to keep in place while putting the trigger back in. I have done the process so many times now that it is no longer an issue for me.