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Mossberg 500 Pump Action Troubleshooting


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Any issues, concerns or problems you may have with your mossberg 500 pump action; this is a thread for troubleshooting.
I need to figure out an easy way to refinish my gun :idea: :arrow: I want to take it apart and redo the finish. She getting dull....
I know you can have the gun parkerized at a lot of different gun stores/smiths. I don't know of any good diy jobs besides some rattle can but I can't imagine that holding up well long term on your mossberg.
500A safety issue update

For your info. I found this on youtube.

Re: 500A safety issue update

thanks for posting this up, nice find!
Re: 500A safety issue update

Credit to the guy for owning the mistake, but a few issues with it at the same time.
It isn't a bad design if you put aftermarket parts on and don't use the parts included for the installation.
When you're dealing with something like a FCG part that is essential to the safe operation of the shotgun, I would highly recommend either replacing a bent part with a factory new item or taking it to a gunsmith for a proper repair. I would not put it on concrete and hammer it back straight. I realize that the WECSOG endorses this technique, but I would prefer a more reliable solution.
Mossberg 500 extraction problem

OK so it's really a Westernfield brand but technically the same gun. I have cleaned the bejesus out of it, filed a couple of burs off of the barrel and still I have problems with a few shells extracting. Either the extractors don't grab onto the shell or they do and slip off leaving me with 2 shells in the body of the gun. I'm thinking the springs are worn out and not allowing the extractors to hold on. It could possibly need a new extractor as well but it seems to look OK.

Any thoughts? I bought the thing used for 50 bucks and it worked great for a while for me. The guy I bought it from stated that it had a problem extracting. It's just gotten pretty crappy now. I know this thing has had the crap shot out of it before. Probably thousands of thousands of rounds.


Re: Mossberg 500 extraction problem

can you take a pic of the bolt removed from the gun?
also hows the chamber look?

the springs may just be soft, you should be able to tell if the extractors are just worn out by looking. there should be a definate hard edge not rounded over.
If in fact its thousands of thousands of rnds, it probably is worn extractors.
They are availible or may be able to be dressed with a file.
might be time to just build it up with new innards and stuff, build a HD gun or something.
Re: Mossberg 500 extraction problem

I'm keeping this one original so I'll just have to fix it. I know it doesn't have much value being an adjustable choke westernfield in really plain clothes but it's my first 12 gauge. I'd like to find a 500 action though and start building up a homedefense/zombie gun. I've got the pistol grip already.

When I get home I'll snap a few pics.

Re: Mossberg 500 extraction problem

Before a little filing:


I cleaned it up a little bit more after that picture but it sure does look better. I was surprised when I blew up the photo how bad it looked. Can't wait to try it out.

Re: Mossberg 500 extraction problem

Wow, what a difference between the 2! Hope that fixes things!
Re: Mossberg 500 extraction problem

Looks good! Hope the advice helped and thats all it needs.

Check the spring on the other side also it should have a definate curve or more to say an S shape.

Let us know how it worked out.
Re: Mossberg 500 extraction problem

Problem is according to Midway USA the part is supposed to look like

But only after K850000 and my serial starts with an H.... We'll see what happens.

The left extractor looks good from what I can tell Little wear on it. If this doesn't work I'm going with 2 new extractors and springs.

Re: Mossberg 500 extraction problem

Well I didn't seem to have a problem yesterday. Put 20 loads through it and it never miss pulled. I'm leaving it dirty and will try again on Friday and see how she holds up.
How do I care for my first shotgun?

I recently purchased my first shotgun, a 500 mariner 12 gauge with an 18.5" barrel in the marinecote finish, it also came with an ATI tactical stock! My question is............ With this type of special finish, (the marinecote) how should I care for it, i.e. should I rub it with oil; or should I store it without any oil on it? There are so many questions I need to ask, but let's just start with this one! Thank you!!!!
Re: How do I care for my first shotgun?

The Marine cote is a very durable finish. You shouldnt have to oil it in any way, but maybe get a cleaning kit that has the cloth in it with silicone? and wipe it down with that.

Anyone out there with more experience with the marine cote, please feel free to correct me here.

But no, aside from cleaning it, you dont need to store it with oil on it. :)
Re: How do I care for my first shotgun?

Thank you for the reply back! I want the finish on this shotgun to shine forever; I'm confident that I picked the right gun for my first one!
Re: How do I care for my first shotgun?

Yeak, I think you got a good one too! In fact I know the model youre talkin about! To protect the finish, the silicone cloth should do that, but it isnt necessary. Just whatever you use to clean the gun, as you wipe off the excess will work just fine to wipe everything else down too.

Its actually in my plans one day to get the 590A1 in marinecote! ;)