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Mossberg 510 Mini Troubleshooting


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Any issues, concerns or problems you may have with your mossberg 510 mini; this is a thread for troubleshooting.
I have an issue.

I can fire it with the safety on. I had it apart to clean, and its brand new, never been fired. It will fire with the safety on or off.
The post on the back of the trigger guard could be broken or missing.

Push the trigger group pin out and lift the trigger group out by the back.
There should be a "post" on the back of the trigger pack that sticks up. it hits the safety, when the safety is in the rear position.
Its that or the "nut/safety that is under the reciever maybe broken. It is located under the safety slide on the inside of the reciever( its what the safety slide screws into.

your replacement options are limited, mumrich will sell you a .410 trigger pack, but if its new its a factory replacement part.
So I found the problem. A very small piece has broken off of the trigger assembly. I have no idea how this could have broken off, and worse, I have no idea how to repair it.

The "Post" hunter72 pointed out is whats wrong. Will Mossberg fix this? Or do I have to buy the whole Trigger pack? How much will it be?
I would give Mossberg a call and I am sure they will take care of you on this. They are generally pretty good about these sort of issues.
Emails generally take 1-2 weeks to hear back from them.
They should replace it, problem is they wont send you the part, or a trigger pack. you will have to send in your SG.
They are good about repairing things though.
Another option..

Go back to where you bought it if possible, If from an FFl they should gladly replace it.

If all else fails I have the part you need and can replace it.

Let me know.
Yeah I've experienced the long email response times :(

Wow Hunter! Thank you very much! I'll try the dealer first. I bought it from Academy Sports, so I'll drive it back over there. If they wont do anything, I'll contact Mossberg, and find out how to ship it to them.
I called Academy, and they have no returns/exchanges on firearms at all. They said to call the Mfgr.

I called Mossberg, and they are sending me a shipping label so that I can send the firearm back to them for a "complementary diagnostic."
Haven't gotten the label yet, but should be soon. I just realized, my wife and I planned a range day on the 4th. We wont have the gun back by then, so I'm thinking about taking it to the range, cleaning it, and then shipping it... what do you think?

Will they have a problem with it being fired? As of right now it has never been fired.
I don't think shooting it will have any effect on them fixing your issue. Unless they mentioned something about it when you first talked to them about it.
They didn't mention firing it or not...

I think just as a precaution, I am going to take the broken piece out and put it in a bag so I don't lose it.
Shipped it in today. Hopefully Mossberg contacts me about it :D

I actually had it out last weekend at the range, and I have another issue with it. I loaded the magazine tube to capacity (3), and put one in the chamber to make it 4 rounds (We were shooting clay pigeons). I fired the first round, and tried to ratchet another round in but nothing happens.

The Forend comes back, and ejects the spent round, but the assembly that allows the magazine tube to release a round into the elevator assembly doesn't release. I tried ratcheting it forward and back several times, hard and soft, fast and slow, etc, to no avail. I included a note in the box with the weapon when I shipped it this morning, detailing this other issue.

What do you fellas think?
Have you heard anything back from Mossberg yet about your Mossberg 510 Mini?
Haven't heard anything yet.

I was having dinner with my grandfather the other night, and he mentioned it was strange that they had me ship it. He thinks that an FFL has to be involved...

I'm not sure how to get in touch with them as they made me ship it to a gunsmith in Texas.

I got it back! :D Everything seems to be in working order, taking it out shooting this weekend (at the range). Lets hope all is well!

Went to a gun show today and picked up a SureFire flashlight mount for it, and as soon as I find my digital camera, I'll toss a pic up here.

Got a sidesaddle too, but it wont work with the 510. Its for the 500. TacStar. Once attached to the firearm, the forend will not fully slide rearward. This is obviously a huge issue. Gotta find some other option...
Is there anyway to loosen the action on these guns? Mainly just the start of the slide, after it breaks loose it's fine.