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Mossberg 510 Mini Troubleshooting

My 12 yrold daughter saved her money for over a year to buy her first gun this summer. She picked the 510 mini in 20 gauge because it fit her so well. I agreed because of the Mossberg name and reputation.

After a quick dissassembly and cleaning, the first time we took it out to shoot some clays, we had problems getting it to feed from the magazine 75% of the time. I disassembled and cleaned it and we forgot about the problem until we went duck hunting last week and we were only able to get it to feed twice out of about 10 shots =80% failure. We couldn't unload the shotgun to put it in the truck without manually pushing the shell holder back. She told me today she wants to return the gun and get a different one.

I cleaned the gun again and noticed a pin in the trigger assembly that sticks out on the same side as the shell release arm. (It is the pin that the action release pivots on.) I slid the pin towards the opposite side as far as it would go and put it back together. I was able to get it to cycle and feed shells using the action release (without firing because I was in the garage). We intend to take the gun out this week to field test it. Could this pin really be the culprit?

Can the gun be returned for a refund?