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Mossberg 835 front sight height


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I have a Mossberg 835 with a 24" turkey barrel and fiber optic sights that shoots high, even with the rear sight all the way down. This appears to a common issue with these guns. Since I can't go lower in the back the alternative is to go higher in the front. I put a thin shim under the front sight to raise it slightly and checking the pattern it seems to have helped. Still, it would be nice to have adjustment available in the rear.

Does anyone know the height of the stock front sight and a source for a taller replacement front fiber optic?
I'm not sure now, thought it over too much LOL!
But I think you need to raise the rear site up to bring your pattern down.
Someone correct me if Im wrong .
When adjusting open sights, always move the rear sight in the direction you want the bullet to move. For instance, if your bullet lands to the left of the aiming point, move the rear sight to the right. If the bullet lands below the aiming point, move the rear sight up. Adjustments for the front sight are the opposite; move the front sight to the left, and the bullet’s impact will shift to the right.

I'm not sure now, thought it over too much LOL!
But I think you need to raise the rear site up to bring your pattern down.
Someone correct me if Im wrong .
I just bought the same gun. Haven't shot it yet but I have been reading about this issue. I think the front sight will move in the vent. What would happen if you slid the front sight back or forward? I'm would think it would change the point of impact.
Are these the sights you have? Mine are pretty spot on as long as I do my job.

That's the ones on mine. Mine is loose at the two rivets on the rear. Thought about a drop of glue on the rivets once I get it sighted.
Mine has some movement too but it should be loose for windage adjustment.

How do you hold on target? I use a 6 o'clock hold with mine. I have lots of patterns that aren't centered and many that are. For my purposes I shoot several rounds anytime I change anything being the choke or a load. I use a new target for each shot and then compare everything. Sometimes the issue for me is too tight a choke making the load pattern weird. Sometimes I flinch in anticipation or over correct because I know I sometimes push the muzzle down so instead a couple times I've pulled up. All of which is wrong. Most of the time I get it right.
The movement on mine is about 1/8 inch each way. It just flops around. I don't even have it touch it for it to move. It's not the slotted adjustment at the very rear of the sight.

I use 6 o'clock on rifles and pistols. I'll use it with the 835 too. I plan to use it for squirrels until the leaves fall and I go back to the 22. I may have to go with less choke than the factory turkey choke.

I just called Mossberg and they are sending me a new rear sight.
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Good to hear OFM is getting a new sight to you.

What size shot are you using? Is it the factory turkey choke? I thinks it says it's X-full but for turkey loads I've gone way tighter than the factory tube.

We have a thread on here about the 835/935 chokes.
Received and installed the new sight from Mossberg (only took 3 days). I sighted it using 2 3/4" Federal Hi-Brass Load #6. It did shoot high. I adjusted the sight to the lowest setting and though still high I adjusted my aim down and it's on target. It patterned about 2 to 3 foot wide at 30 yards using the choke it came with. Went squirrel hunting yesterday using the same rounds. I saw two squirrels both were running as fast as a squirrel can go and I missed both. The rest of the morning I walked in the woods.
I'm not a real experienced shotgun guy and can only compare it to my 500, but I'm impressed at the way the 835 handled, and shorter barrel made it easier to move and aim in the woods.
I'm going hunting this Friday and hope to find some slower squirrels.