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Mossberg 835 Ulti-Mag Pump Action Accessories...

Hmm....it looks as though it would need to move forward towards the barrel more. Does a 3" shell eject through it?
There's more aftermarket available now than there was a couple or few years ago. I don't know about the tactical market, though there are "tactical turkey" models listed on OFMs really stupid site.

Nordic now has components to fit the 835s and 590 barrels that they didn't have the last time I looked. It may not be new, but it's been like 3 years since I looked.

I was wondering if anyone would care to measure the magazine tube of the 835 for me? Please and thank you! :D I'm having an idea!

Another thing, I know I've seen somewhere about the interchangeability of parts, I'm feel almost certain the Hogue stock fits the 835, you guys have swapped other aftermarket stocks on to the 835 without issue, so it should be good, yes?

I gotta do some more reading on the Hogue forend for the 835, it requires something that eludes me at the moment. The spacer nut on the action slide tube?
I can measure mine tomorrow. Send me a text to remind me before noon or so.

And have you seen @nasa ' s 835? Pretty slick looking. All black. And he did a few mods on his too. Lemme see if I can fink a link to his...
Sweet! I may have seen it in the picture thread.

Ill send a reminder, it's not a big deal but if things come to fruition, ill be adding more to this thread.

That's the nut....
Sorry I'm asking so many questions, I'm a little out of the loop yet.
No worries dude.....I love my 835 and the more I can help someone get one the happier I am...